Copacobana, Lake Titicaca 

Copacobana sits right on the shore of Lake Titicaca at about 3800m above sea level. It seems as though it’s a holiday destination for Bolivians as well as those on the Gringo trail.
We decided to have a relaxing day enjoying the views of the lake. We changed hotel and and managed to get a room with a superb view of the lake and we tried to catch up with some blogging! Alas the internet wasn’t fantastic but the view was so all was good.
The town is dominated by a huge church and a lot of people make a pilgrimage here to visit the church. That’s probably why it’s all a bit expensive (cynical I know). It was a pretty impressive church and we got to have a good wander around. It’s really refreshing not to be enclosed by barriers and rules and regs and allowed to look where you want.
The main thing I noticed at the church was the row of cars parked outside all adorned with flowers. Apparently they were waiting to be blessed!
The town centre was made up of a combination of hostels, restaurants, shops and market stalls. It was great fun walking around watching everyone. The best part we thought were the food stalls on the lake.
There were about 20 of them all lined up and all once again serving the same fare. The speciality here is the trout dishes and coupled with a quinoa broth and a beer that’s about all we ate.
It’s difficult to say what it is but Copacobana is actually quite a nice place just to sit and relax. We had mixed weather but when it was good the views across the lake to Peru were just fantastic. T   
The shore of Lake Titicaca.  All the boats in the harbour are for tourists to do trips on the lake.

All the pedalos on the beach.

There are a couple of main streets in Copacobana and they are both lined with restaurants and hotels.

A couple of Incan warriors guarding the lake.

The main church is absolutely huge, and all the buildings are so close around it that it’s difficult to get the whole thing in one shot.

The cars lined up outside the church, adorned with flowers and waiting to be blessed.  The stalls behind the cars are all selling flowers for the cars.

This lady was pleased as punch when we thanked her for the meal she had served up and asked her for her photo.


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