Bolivian Experiences

Altitude! From day one on our arrival we were above 4000m, to put it in perspective most ski resorts sit at about 2000m and the slopes go up to 3000m
Breathlessness and walking very slowly
Up hills and down hills
The drive to the salt flats from San Pedro
Seeing the flamingos in the weirdly coloured lagoons
The salt flats, just amazing fun taking the photos
The mint museum at Potosi and the first time we had the mandatory guide, great idea
Eating the beef hearts at the market in Potosi
Eating all their amazing soups!
Arriving at Sucre and getting given the apartment 
The markets at Sucre, could have spent an eternity shopping there. Walking down the food line and being shouted at by all the tiny women urging you to come to their stall and not their neighbours.
Sucre really is a beautiful city and it was wonderful walking around it 
Trying to buy a bottle opener in the Sucre markets
Visiting the churches and cathedrals and being allowed to go wherever you want. Even onto the rooftops
Walking down the ancient Quechan paths for the first time
Going on the terrible tour and pushing the bus out of the mud with the locals.
Ditching the tour bus and walking down the hill with Thibaut and Lucie all alone in the middle of the Bolivian countryside wondering what the hell we were doing.
Having the bucket for a toilet on the bus from Sucre to La Paz
La Paz in general, just a crazy city with a definite edge
Realising that we had booked our hotel literally next door to the San Pedro prison.
Going to the local restaurant and only being served beer and wondering what was going on
Seeing the highest ski slopes in the world, no snow. Walking to to the top of the mountain. Our first real decent walk at altitude
Catching the gondola up to El Alto, just fantastic views of La Paz
Huayna Potosi an experience we will never forget
Walking along the Tarmac and seeing the plane we were going to fly to the Amazon in!!
The flight from La Paz to Rurrenbaque never been so scared.
The Pacu fish curry wrapped in leaves in Rurrenbaque, just delicious
Catching the boat up the river to the Madidi jungle and starting to realise that we were experiencing something really special
Walking through the rainforest with our private guide, Simon.
The relaxing feeling we had when walking through the rainforest.
The tapir and the boars hanging around the lodge.
Fishing for Pacu on the banks of the river and catching 3!!
Being taken by Simon to visit his village in the jungle. An incredible eye opener
Chilling by Lake Titicaca at Copacobana 
Catching the dodgy bus from La Paz to Copacobana, topped off by the barge crossing the lake
The place we stayed at on Isla del Sol a brilliant concrete construction.
The hike across Isla del Sol particularly when we decided to keep going after the rain started, seeing the pizza place in the middle of nowhere on top of the hill and especially walking through the villages.

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