Isla del Sol, An Island on Lake Titicaca 

 Isla Del sol

Today was the day we took a ferry and stayed over at the island of the sun. Unfortunately when we woke up it was stormy and not that sunny at all.
We still took the ferry over and were really glad we did. The ferry trip itself was great with the driver steering with his feet on the tiller most of the way. 
The island is spectacular and once we were dropped off at the south end we had a set of steep steps to climb to get to the village where we would be staying. When we reached the bottom end of the village a boy ran out and was asking if we needed accommodation. By this stage of the climb we would have taken anything but were shown to a cosy little room with an amazing view. 
We quickly dropped off our stuff and headed for a walk around the island. We were told you could walk to the north of the island and back in a day. Though as it is at elevation it is a tough hike.
So we set off through the village which is set in tiers going up the mountain. We were following a few other people who after climbing to the top of the village kept climbing up another hill. We of course followed and slowly made our way up. Once there we had spectacular views and realized a rain cloud was heading our way. We decided

to continue and got a bit further down the mountain when a shepherd stopped us and told us we were not on the path and pointed us in the right direction. We soon discovered that we had climbed the second mountain for nothing as the path actually winded around it! To add to the pain it started to rain….
So we bunkered down beside a wall of sorts, ate a snickers bar and contemplated going back. We decided we were only here once and continued on. The rain shortly stopped, the sun came out and we found the path and for the next 3 hours had a blast hiking to the north end of the island. The path was steep in places and due to the altitude was tough but very enjoyable. 
Once we got to the end we took the path that would lead us around the other side of the island around the coast through several little villages. These were a real highlight of the hike especially considering donkeys were the preferred mode for carrying goods and pigs, sheep and cows were regularly being herded through the streets. I forgot to mention there are no roads on the island, hence the donkeys. Everyone also seemed to have their patch of dirt to farm as well so the fields were full of locals tending to their crops.
By the time we had reached our village we were definitely in need of an alcoholic beverage and a meal. Which we found in a little cosy restaurant where we had the best quinoa and vegetable soup! 
When we got back to the cabins it was freezing! The bed had 4 blankets already but I ended up sleeping in socks, leggings and beanie. Tim even had a jumper on in bed so you know it was cold.
A massive storm hit during the night and we awoke to it still raining. We were heading back to Copacabana that morning anyway and the boat ride back was not really enjoyable as we were packed in like sardines in a boat that leaked water through the roof. We made it back safe and sound and had a few hours wait for our night bus to Cuzco. We passed the time shopping in the the wonderful markets that lined the streets. S  
The start of the climb up to Yumani town.  It was exhausting as we were starting the climb at about 3800m above sea level so we were pretty breathless after a couple of steps.  But we were getting acclimatised and our recovery time was getting a lot better

The balcony outside our room, sturdy enough.  In the background it’s incredible to see all the terracing around the island.

The Main Street in town

Most of the island is taken over by farming on these terraces.  All the work is still done by hand.

Walking along with the locals

Sarah trying to coax a Llama into a photo shoot.

The town of Yumani from above, the port where we arrived was down on the left side.  The hike up to this point has been pretty tough.

After the rain storm the weather really came good.  Again amazing to see all the hills terraced like this.

Another small town on the island, just spectacular views.

The path we followed along the length of the island.

The water of the lake is so clear.

Our path heading into another of the villages.

The villages have to be seen to be believed.

This is the main route between two of the villages.

Lovely just following this couple and their donkeys up the hill

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