Lima, Hello again to the western world

Lima has been long on the horizon as our final destination in this stint of the trip. While not really somewhere we had planned to go it was where our flight was departing from so we had to be there.
Early readings and research into the city weren’t entirely promising and there were plenty of warnings as to how dangerous the city center was and so with that in mind we decided to stay in Miraflores.
We had thought that we were going to enjoy a last couple of days enjoying things South American but we both realised that we had left South America when we arrived in Miraflores.
This area of Lima had plenty of security guards around on the streets and was kept pretty spotlessly clean. The shops lining the street could have been found on any high street around the world and the place had an air of affluence that we hadn’t seen elsewhere in our trip.
The highlight of Miraflores for us was the boardwalk down on the sea front. Or rather up on the sea front as the sea front is lined by cliffs but either way it was really nice walking along the boardwalk people watching with the rest of Miraflores. The “thing to do” was para sailing off the cliff tops. It was really great watching them all take off and land.
We don’t have much else to write about what we saw in Lima, as it turns out that our stomachs were only meant to last for 90 days in South America, and as we are on day 91 meant that we weren’t able to stray too far from our toilet!! A real shame really but not much we could do about it!! T

The sea front at Miraflores.

This seemed to be the thing to do in Lima

The coastline and on the left a shopping mall which has been built into the cliff face.

This being Peru there are of course some ruins about and these sit right in the middle of the city surrounded by modern buildings.

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