Peru Experiences

Crossing the border during the thunderstorm Arriving at the main square in Cusco

The general buzz and feel of Cusco, touristy but cool at the same time

Not quite getting the pork at pork alley when we accidentally ordered the “menus”

The “bus station” where we caught the bus to Pisac for 3 soles

Climbing up to see the Pisac ruins and having that feeling like we were discovering it

The excitement of getting on the train to Machu Picchu

The train ride itself especially going through the villages and then when the landscape turned into the jungle

The craziness and strangeness of Aguas Calientes

Looking out at the fireworks for Christmas Eve, the place looking like a scene from some war torn city

Our host coming to find us at the bus stop with our packed lunches

Getting on the first bus up to Machu Picchu

Beating the hikers up the mountain!

The first sight of Machu Picchu with the clouds parting on Christmas Day morning and getting the photos without anyone in the way

Climbing up the Mach Picchu mountain

The whole experience of Machu Picchu

The restaurant where we had our Christmas lunches and dinner

The streets around Ollantaytampu town

The Alpaca steak at Ollantaytampu just delicious

The taxi ride back to Cusco on my birthday, just a great drive especially when in turned into a sightseeing tour 

The tapas and pisco sours and watching the action at the restaurant for my b’day

The impressive interior of the cathedral on the main square in Cusco

The first bus in Peru complete with TVs in the seat backs, unfortunately a little too short in the leg space and a little winding in the driving. Lucky it was dark

Walking around the monestary in Arequipa 

The bus drive to the Colca Canyon, impressive altitude, views and a little scary

Arriving at Cabanaconde, a small town in the middle of nowhere

The hike through the Colca Canyon just spectacular

The feeling of accomplishment when we smashed out the hike out of the canyon

The taxi ride in the three wheeler from Ica to Huacachina. Amazing that we got the luggage in

The wine tour from Huacachina, back to basics definitely who needs fanciness!! Mind you who’s heard of Peruvian wine?

The sand boarding on the dunes, not the greatest success but definitely fun

The adrenaline pumping dune buggy tours now that was fun

The cerviche at Paracas on the sea front just delicious

The tour of the Isla Balletas just incredible to see that number of birds and sea lions

The tour of the Paracas national park.

The surprise of arriving at Miraflores in Lima and realizing that we had left South America without saying goodbye

The boardwalk and the people watching in the sea front in Miraflores 

3 thoughts on “Peru Experiences

    • Hope you have a great time! I am sure you will. Unfortunately we didn’t get too far off the beaten track in Peru, maybe Paracas would be my only suggestion. But otherwise the main sights we visited were all pretty good. If you want to get a bit more off the beaten track I would suggest going to Bolivia.

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