Arrival at Breckenridge 

When we were first sitting down and planning our trip and the idea of trying to do some serious skiing came up, it took me about 10 seconds to recommend and then decide on Breckenridge as the place to go. We had been here on an O’Keeffe/Lyon holiday about 25 years ago and it was fantastic! Of all the places we have been lucky enough to ski I can still remember Breckenridge so decision made.
Now what I am about to write probably falls into the “my diary” category and I am certainly not wishing to offend or ask for sympathy. But we were both a bit exhausted by the the time this phase of the trip occurred and maybe the fact that we both had stomach issues too meant that we were both really looking forward to unpacking and nesting for a while.
Plus a bit of snowboarding too!
The transfer through Miami was nothing to write about, other than us suddenly realizing that we had left South America and were both already missing it.
I have rarely been as excited as I was landing in Denver and waiting to get up to Breckenridge. We were picked up by Gregg from Peak 1 and he was great giving us advice all the way up to the resort and even stopping off so we could get some beers for the trip!
There was so much snow everywhere when we were driving up, my excitement was building by the minute.
We had chosen our place to stay from a few photos on the net so we were so happy when we came in through the door and realised what an awesome place we had picked. It’s big enough and going to be perfect for our stay. The main plus points are be fact that we look onto a piste and that the lift is maybe 100m away from our doorstep!
At this point we were meant to be having our “James Bond” moment as our parcels of winter and ski gear were meant to be waiting for us and we would literally slip on the ski gear and head up the mountain. Unfortunately not. US post were not able to locate the clearly signposted office on the high street in the tiny town we had sent them too. But thanks to Matt and Kris who promptly resent the parcels as soon as they got back the parcels should arrive within a week.
Again not looking for sympathy just writing it down so as we can remember.
Anyway we had plenty to do and so set about getting the place sorted and buying some food and some essentials and actually really enjoying cooking and eating and sitting on the sofa. Plus the novelty of having a hot shower with pressure is going to take a while to wear off. Also it’s really nice to be able to flush your toilet paper down the toilet! I had gotten a bit sick of sitting down on the toilet right next to a bin full of toilet paper with everyone’s excrement in it.
Anyway I won’t finish on that note. I will just say that we were feeling absolutely fantastic about Breckenridge and our decision to stay here and that’s even before we have got up the mountain! T

 We had a clear flight from Miami to Denver and the whole way we were watching field after field pass by.  These were the most impressive, in Colorado and snow covered.

 The view from our back door.  For those who know, that’s the 4 O’clock run just the other side of the fence and just in front is one of the locals.
Our unit block is the one on the right, and you can just see the ski lift at the end of the drive.

It’s always magical walking around in the snow.  The sound of the crunch of snow under my feet will always bring a smile to my face.

The town centre is quite beautiful  

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