Ullr Festival

The secret to getting good snow for the season relies on prayers to an Arctic God called Ullr (I think that’s what this is all about). 
Anyway we thought we would join in and we walked down to the high street not quite sure what to expect. It was great, the crowds lined the high street as the locals paraded up on their floats. The standard of floats certainly varied but on the whole the atmosphere was great and everyone was having a good time.
After watching the floats we then came across a huge bonfire where it seemed as though all the old Christmas trees from town were going to be set alight. It certainly warmed us up but we are still somewhat lacking in warm clothing so had to hurry back home.
I am writing this a couple of days after the festival and so far the prayers of everyone have been answered! Long may this snow continue because until we get our ski stuff we are happy for a white out! T

We arrived a couple of minutes too late and missed out on a world record shot taking event.

As you can see the standard of floats certainly varied.

This was our personal favourite. Star Wars themed that’s the Death Star in the background which was a huge structure built around a school bus.  And the guys on the bikes were recreating the fight scene very well.  I thought.  Especially their sound effects.

The bonfire of Christmas trees.

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