Goodbye Breckenridge!

When we were initially planning the trip and decided that we wanted to do some serious snowboarding as part of the trip it took me about 2 seconds to suggest Breckenridge as the place to go. After all the places we have been skiing and boarding it is one of the few places were I could still remember runs after all the years.
It was a big call to suggest it was the best skiing in the world but after the season we have had it certainly backed up the comment. I honestly cannot remember how many powder days we have had! Couple that with the size of the resort and the unpisted bowls and the experience has been amazing!
January was I admit absolutely freezing, we’ll actually it was well below freezing! Some of the temperatures had to be experienced to be believed, we are talking minus a lot. In fact one day we had to come back down off the mountain as it was seriously too cold. The rest of the season had the odd cold day but wasn’t too bad and I won’t go into a blow by blow account of the weather, but I will say that we had a dump of snow in March which resulted in four straight days of new snow. 9, 9, 7, 11 were the magic numbers and the result was fresh tracks everyday and some of the best powder boarding I have ever experienced!!
We were extremely lucky with the apartment we got as we only had to cross the road to catch the chairlift in the morning and then were able to ski right up to our back door in the afternoon. We have to admit we spent a lot of time in the apartment as we had to avoid spending too much money on nights out and restaurants.
The resort itself was pretty expensive but we got some exceptionally cheap season lift tickets and once or twice a week we donned our backpacks and walked to the local supermarket and cooked at home. Lunch was sandwiches up the mountain, breakfast was burritos and dinner was an assortment of stews, pastas and pulled pork. Anything cheap really. PBR beer.
The idea was to board as much as possible and we certainly did that. According to the tracker on our ski passes we managed over 1,000,000 vertical feet of snow boarding. We made first lifts almost every day (a couple of late starts towards the end.) But all in all mission accomplished…we boarded a hell of a lot.
It was what we set out to do and we did it, our bodies were pretty sore but thankfully the complex had three hot tubs so every afternoon after we had finished on the slopes we recovered in the heat of the tubs.
The town of Breckenridge itself is an old American town and while other resorts nearby try (and fail) to model themselves on European ski resorts Breckenridge remains American. I have to admit we liked that about the place it retained its individual charm. We certainly fell in love with the place.
According to the locals, the summer is just as spectacular as the winter and I have a feeling we will be trying to visit to judge for ourselves. The last runs we had down the mountain were sad and it was even sadder to leave but I really hope we will be back.
The last few days of packing up were difficult but we certainly have loads to look forward to and I am sure that once we are on the road again we will regain that excitement but I do hope we will return to Breck one day soon. T

Our spots, first in line.

So that’s maybe how I got frostbite!

Sarah getting the first tracks of the day.

Our first tracks on the virgin snow.

Me on the Horseshoe bowl.

Sarah riding up the T-bar to the top of the bowls.

This is actually a shot of a run called needle’s eye.

Some more great names of the runs.

A few shots of Breckenridge town.

The mountain and the runs are clear to see behind the town itself.

Sarah at the top of Devil’s Crotch

Me coming down.
A rare sight…me airborne 

Sarah stylishly getting some fresh powder

 Bags packed, ready to go.

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