Coming out of (skiing) retirement!

When we suggested meeting up with Mum & Dad on our trip I will admit I was a little surprised when they decided Breckenridge was the place but then we found out that the plan was to come out of retirement from skiing!!
The memories of our skiing holidays here all those years ago were just as strong for everyone. The lovely wide, perfectly groomed greens and blues were going to be perfect for M&D getting back on skis!!
There had been a couple of advancements in the ski technology since they last skied and while the skis were about half as long ,I was assured that the boots were just as difficult to get off!!
In fact, for me the biggest change was the slight role reversal as it was me helping with getting lenses changed in goggles and helping carrying skis around. But the funniest was meeting up after their lessons to check if they had progressed enough for a family ski!!!
One of the best feelings of the holiday was when we all met up after the first lesson and the excitement mum and dad had about how well they had gone!! It only took two lessons and they felt they had mastered “lazy skiing!”  
It was fantastic as it meant that we were able to all ski together in a traditional “O’Keeffe snake” winding down the slopes.
Sarah and I had been focused solely on boarding for the season so we were very much looking forward to being taken out for some meals by mum and dad and we weren’t disappointed at all and had some fantastic dinners. The pick of the bunch by far was Hearthstone but there weren’t any bad ones.
We had thought we would have been doing some walking but the snow was so good that we spent most of the time skiing and then filling in the afternoon with some Canasta. I think mum and dad got the game by the end of the holiday and in fact Sarah and I just escaped with a win at the end with a couple of lucky hands and I am sure it’s going to be the start of another fierce competition.
All in all absolutely fantastic to catch up with Mum & Dad and we had a great holiday at the end of our season. T


Back on the slopes!

Above is us going right up the top after Mum decided that greens were too easy!


The morning commute up snowflake lift


Lazy skiing in the family snake.


Coming home down the four o’clock run

Relaxing during a day trip shopping in Silverthorne


Hiking along the Boreas Pass.


The view back across the valley to Breckenridge was spectacular.

All in all an absolutely fantastic time had by all!  Thanks very much Mum & Dad xxxxxoooo

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