Waterfalls and Ziplines

So our 2 hostels in Ecuador have been 2 of our favorites. This one in Mindo has a massive beautiful tropical garden, but my favorite part is the humming bird feeders which attract about 20 humming birds and are placed right beside the table where you eat breakfast. The noise of their little wings and the way they hover is just amazing. I could watch them zoom around for hours. Trying to get them on camera is a very frustrating experience!
After breakfast we caught a taxi with Bill and Emma from yesterday to the Tarabita (Another cable car). This one was effectively an open air box that transported you across the forest canopy. The view was spectacular! The mechanics of the engine was a little basic but effective. Once on the other side we went hiking to find some waterfalls! Last night it had absolutely poured down for a good 2-3 hours so as you can imagine they were all fiercely running. So much so that we couldn’t get to one as the walkway had flooded. There were 6 in total with the last one being the biggest and best. The walk between the falls was spectacular, with the path the only opening in the beautiful forest. But boy was it humid! It took us about 4 hours of solid walking up and down the mountain to get there and back.
On the way back and just down the road we stopped off at a Zip line park. Once we checked it out and made sure it was all safe we decided to do the longest lines which were 350m and 400m and they flew across the forest valley. The view was wonderful and gave us quite an adrenalin hit! Such a great experience and the day was fantastic. So far Ecuador has not disappointed by any stretch of the imagination. S

Our guests for breakfast, really fascinating watching them all around you while having your morning coffee or afternoon beer.

Not the biggest cable car.

The cable looked big enough

Beautiful scenery.

A long way down!

While the waterfalls weren’t big they were really pretty.

Due to the rainfall there were loads of extra waterfalls along the way

So lush and green, and coupled with that we more or less had the place to ourselves 

The avid explorer

Enjoying a shower

One of the stranger locals.

Just how many shades of green are there?

Getting ready to go!
Sarah in action 

Me suited up and ready to go.

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