Unfortunately our bodies have been desensitized to South America after our stay in the US and Sarah fell ill during our last night in Mindo. But soldiering on is what she does best so after popping a couple of pills we headed off towards Latacunga.
Latacunga is a city south of Quito and was going to be a good place to stop, rest and base ourselves for a few activities. On the drive down we were meant to be treated to views of Cotopaxi but unfortunately the weather denied us. But luckily we got there without any troubles and set about relaxing and getting Sarah better.
Luckily the magic pills did their job and it was a quick recovery but even so we took it very easy as the next few days were going to be far more hectic. Still we were staying in the old town area and so enjoyed a walk about and planned the next few days.
We certainly feel a little off the beaten track here as we haven’t seen any other gringos at all but that has actually been quite nice. The people have all been very friendly and while the town doesn’t boast any major attractions it has a certain charm/edge and it’s been really nice walking around looking at the sights and sounds.
There is not much English spoken here and we had an interesting time trying to order breakfast. I thought I was making progress with Spanish as the previous day I had understood about 50% of a 45 min long conversation with a taxi driver, but this morning it all fell apart. For breakfast I thought we were ordering eggs and fritters but instead we got salty egg omelettes and chicken and rice. Mmm tasty. Just what you need on a dodgy stomach!
While we were walking into town we spotted an excellent looking barbers and Sarah suggested I go for a spruce up. What fun it was, the chit chat wasn’t great but the guy was really good and had a good go at sorting out my beard. The cut throat razor was used and he was incredibly precise. It was a great experience and we all had a lot of fun. In fact there was lots of photo taking afterwards so hopefully we make it up on his wall!! T

The girl on the front desk wasn’t the friendliest but now we know what she thought of us (the first bullet point is the best)

We were expecting great coffee but so far this has been the standard.

The main monestary in Latacunga

Meat anyone?

The whole way around South America there have been little stalls selling food it’s just fantastic.

A more authentic market 

Looking like a local in the Panama hat.  Fruit salad on its way.

Me getting a spruce up! He was very precise with the cutthroat razor.

The final result, very smart.

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