Day 2 in Paradise

Well today wasn’t the most active of days by any stretch of the imagination. There was no climbing of mountains or visiting of museums or sacred places. In fact we went and laid down on the beach and went for the occasional dip in the crystal clear waters before coming back to our towels and laying back down.
Well there was a little stroll (certainly couldn’t be described as a hike) and we managed to find some idyllic places to eat. The local specialty is seafood cooked in “salsa de coco” basically a curry and served with some coconut rice, it is just so delicious!!
The pace of life here makes laid back look like rush hour!! It’s definitely got a Caribe feel to it and the people are really lovely. I don’t know what everyone used to do here (I am guessing fishing) but they all seem to be embracing tourism very much.
Everywhere there is building going on and a lot of the places have been turned into hotels, hostels and b&bs. It’s obviously the quiet season because a lot of the restaurants are shut and mysteriously there are a couple of massive hotels which have turned to ruin.
It’s a tiny place and I am glad we are here when it’s quiet as I have a feeling too many people may spoil it a little. I love the fact that there are no cars, just the odd motorbike but horse and cart is definitely the most used mode of transport.
The horses, when they are not pulling the carts, are left free to roam the streets!! It’s quite fantastic to see them wandering about wherever they please and then when the owners want them back they wander around until they find them. It’s all quite surreal and we are often left staring at them in amazement.
It’s amazing in a setting like this that even with no hot water our hostel has some of the fastest internet connections we have had so far in South America. I am guessing that while Colombia might have been forced to fall behind some other countries in the past, now that the shackles are coming off the only way is up for this beautiful country!!
Just so sad to leave and can’t wait to get back!! T

Going for a stroll with a horse, as you do!

Slightly rougher waters today

Just stunning coastline to walk along

Enjoying a cool down

The guys hard at work.

A few pictures of the horse and carts. As you can see there is a lot of parking them up and sitting for a chat!

How else would you carry your electrical cable.

Nighttime in Capurgana. Lots of sitting outside and drinking beer.

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