Day 2 in San Blas

After waking up with a killer hangover, we then packed up and had a one and a half hour boat trip to our next island destination. The sea was calm and we even got a little bit of sunshine but the clouds soon closed back in. 
The next island was again a Kuna village but our little accommodations were on one end of the island. We were staying in cute little bungalows with our own toilet and shower. There were two doubles in the room and Tim and I got Stevie and Louie to share with. 
We then whiled the morning away swimming and relaxing under coconut trees. After lunch we jumped back into the boats and headed to monkey island. The man who owned this tiny little island owned 2 pet spider monkeys. Apparently the Kuna eat monkeys and their mother had been killed so he took them in and hand raised them. The island was only about a ten minute boat trip and when nearing the island the view was amazing. It was literally a deserted tropical island covered in palm trees. So beautiful.
The monkeys were tied up between two Palm trees. Our guide insisted that they were normally left to roam free on the island but the owner tied them up for us so we could get close. We all hoped he was right. The monkeys were amazing. Their features and mannerisms were so human like and their hands so soft and articulate. Their movement up and down the trees and their use of their tail as a 5th appendage was phenomenal! 
We then spent the next few hours swimming, playing frisbee and volleyball and drinking beer. It was awesome. Our group really was awesome, apart from the 2 older couples who kept to themselves we all got along really well.
Once back at the cabins in the late afternoon we started up another game of volleyball which was really fun. Until Tim announced that he had lost his wedding ring! Everyone quickly joined in on the search and we were convinced that we would find it. After about an hour of not finding it our hopes were getting dashed. We decided to call of the search until it was dark and use lights instead. Though as Tim was on the left hand side of the net and that area had been search intensely we were not hopeful. A lot of us thinking that maybe he had lost it earlier and didn’t realize. After dinner a few of us went out and looked with flashlights. After scouring the left side of the net we moved to the right side and after stopping to look at a cluster of hermit crabs one of the girls bends down and picks up Tim’s ring!!! We couldn’t believe our luck! It had travelled a good 10 metres from where he lost it. We obviously have good Karma. S

There are so many uninhabited islands around here.  Each are owned by a Kuna family who have the rights to the land and the coconuts on them

They pack quite a few huts onto the islands where they live.

Some islands have been built up on top of the coral.  These just have enough space for the huts.

This is how we have been getting around.

Our island for the night

Almost blue skies!

We all spent a lot of time relaxing and chatting in the sea.  The colour of it was just fantastic 

Or sunbathing

The locals off fishing.

The village on the adjacent island was like nothing we had seen before.

Our first views of Monkey Island!

You can just make out the monkeys next to the hut.

Posing in paradise

The crew, we have said it before but we were very lucky with our group.

Quite amazing playing with the monkeys they were fascinating to watch.

Sarah and the girls!

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