San Blas day 3…more tropical islands!!

So we got up today with a 3 hour boat trip ahead of us but there was a bit of a storm!! Not quite as much lightening as the first day but enough wind to delay us for a bit.
Luckily there was a clear patch of sky in the distance to pin our hopes on and soon enough we were on our way. All of the San Blas islands are protected by a reef so the sea was actually fairly calm and we spent the three hours gazing out at some of the 360 tiny islands that make up the San Blas.
As we sped past I couldn’t help wondering in amazement that the Kuna people hadn’t cashed in and sold a couple of them. I mean they are truly paradise islands and I am sure that they must have been offered some serious money!! Apparently though the elders are adamant that they want to preserve the Kuna traditions. But every year technology gets closer and closer and the Kuna people get more and more exposed as to what’s out there. In fact we saw one of our boat captains checking Facebook whilst relaxing on one of the islands.
I do hope that they retain their solidarity and when I think about it we did not get to socialise much with the Kuna adults. The children were happy to play with us but apart from selling us beer and water the adults gave us a wide berth.
I have a feeling that the western world might destroy the Kuna people without buying the islands anyway. Our guide, who has been doing the tours for 7 years, reckoned that over 5m of land has been lost on a couple of islands already. It might be a race as to whether a greed for money is created resulting in a sell off or global warming results in the islands getting flooded.
Well before they were sunk we had one last night to enjoy and we arrived at yet another paradise island. This was an island solely for our use. The families which owned the island took turns to live there and they lived on one side in a collection of 3 or 4 huts. There was a large open sided hut for us all to eat in and then we were all sleeping in hammocks under thatched roofs. It was all very rustic and had a definite desert island feel about it.
The waters were turquoise and crystal clear and we all spent a lot of time alternating between sitting in the water and playing volleyball. The volleyball pitch was probably the best located in the world and we all had a great time playing. Well almost all of us as there was a German PE teacher who struggled very much with the concept of having fun rather than following the rules!!
All in all we had a great group of friends now on the island and the beers and the rums were flowing freely!! We were fed lobster for dinner which was delicious and then carried on partying through the night!

It was a great end to the San Blas trip. T

The weather wasn’t great for boating when we woke up, but you could see a glimmer of light in the distance

Slightly windy.

The crew all ready to go!

Such a beautiful place, shame we couldn’t have the sun come out just for a couple of photos.

Sarah having an anklet made, the Kuna woman is wearing hers and they indicate that she is married.

Some shots of the volleyball action.  I wasn’t allowed to wear my ring!

Like a true athlete, cooling off after the sporting day!

The view of one side of the island where the huts which we slept in were, and the other side where the volleyball pitch was.

Us with the guys.

Our speedboats.

The toilet and shower block!

Sarah enjoying her rum and coconut on the beach

Dinner being prepared.

Lobster anyone!  There was so much that we couldn’t finish it all

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