Panama City

It was quite a shock arriving in Panama City after having spent four days in huts on desert islands. To be fair Sarah and I were so exhausted all we wanted to do was sleep, so it wasn’t long after we arrived that we were fast asleep and then even managed to enjoy a lie in the next day.
I don’t know why but I was actually pretty keen to see Panama’s most famous sight the Panama Canal. We were lucky that just as we arrived a couple of huge containers were going through the locks. So we stood and watched the boats go up and down, very exciting!!
Impressive as it all was, I thought there were more locks. In fact there were only 6 stretching the whole way across the canal. The impressive fact was that it costs on average $100k to pass through the locks and between 30 and 40 boats make the passage everyday. Not bad income for the Panamanians!!!
Panama City itself is dominated by skyscrapers and had a very multicultural feel to it. Well multicultural in terms of the fact that there were lots of expats no doubt due to the global interests in the canal and some rather more flexible tax laws!!
The original old town was destroyed hundreds of years ago, but a new town was built near the entrance to the canal and a lot of the buildings still remain there today. It was really nice strolling around looking at the old buildings. It is an area that is being redeveloped quite extensively but it looks like they are trying to retain an old feel to the place. It’s all very nice and will end up being quite expensive I reckon.
We had a bit more of a walk through the city but eventually the heat/humidity defeated us. We could see lightning and hear thunder but it wasn’t raining!! Just very humid.
The guides from our tour suggested that we all meet up to watch the sunset from the rooftop bar in the Trump hotel. It was quite cool to see this other side of Panama and nice to say goodbye and thank them for organising such a wonderful trip. I can only imagine what the pictures would have been like if it had been Sunny! T

At the Panama Canal watching big ships going up and down.

Even a small Yaught squeezing in.

There was a constant stream of ships waiting to use the locks.

A basic street in Panama.

No Crocs allowed on the metro system!

Some areas of Old Town which have been restored.

The old and the new Panama

Really nice wandering around the old part.

Lots and lots of building work and restoration being done.

Panama by night!

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