Last day in San Blas

With us all again waking up with a stinking hangover we quickly reconvened in the water. After 3 days with not great showers, musty smelling clothes and sand everywhere I think we were all ready for some luxury.

We made one last stop off on a island with nothing but palm trees and had lunch there. There was a little coral reef around the island but the problem was to get out there you had to wade through 30cm of water over spiky rocks. I gave up as I had scrapped myself one too many times but Tim continued and as you can see by the photos it was worth it. Lots of beautifully colored coral. I can imagine that if we had sunny weather the island would have been breathtaking. But according to our guides it is nice to have the overcast weather because it means you can actually spend time on the beach. 

We soon found ourselves back in the boat traveling the last hour and a half to hit the Panamanian main land. We were met by a fleet of 4x4s and then spent the next hour traveling along a hilly and windy road which did nothing for our hangovers. The road soon hit a motor way and within a few hours we had crossed a continent! From the Caribbean coast to the Pacific.
Panama City was an assault on the senses after San Blas. We were dropped off at our hotel and after a delicious shower and a dinner we slept like babies. The San Blas adventures was a fantastic experience and we are so glad we decided to travel from South America to Central this way. It wouldn’t be for everyone but we loved it! S

A picturesque view from the water.

Some of the amazing coral formations Tim took from the reef surrounding the island

The whole island! So amazing.

Recovery 101

The whole group! 

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