So today it was off to Mexico. Sad that we couldn’t spend more time in Belize but we decided that rather than half do two things we would try and see a bit more of Mexico. Plus all the pictures we were seeing and all the reports made the decision seem like a good one.
We set off fairly early for our last Central and South American bus for a while and it wasn’t long before we were on the purple chicken bus and ambling towards the border with Mexico.
We had decided to rent a car as we had heard it was pretty cheap and we didn’t want to spend the last week on the Gringo trail following everyone from one place to the next. We found a deal that would allow us to do a one way drop off from Chetumal to Cancun so we booked online and went to the airport to pick it up.
During the process of picking it up the lady was speaking some fairly good English but we hit a bit of a stumbling block when she said that the insurance was going to cost us $70 a day!! No way we said and immediately started to back out of the deal but luckily we worked it out that she meant $17. So off we went.
Well not exactly as it took a fair while to do the car inspection. We started off picking out a few scratches here and there until we got to the front of the car where there was a huge dent and a broken bumper. I got the chap to pose while I took photos and he wrote everything down. Eventually I got him to sign a form saying that “the whole car was totally damaged.” We were actually not that fussed to have such a beaten up car as it means we fit in a bit more with the locals, plus the one we had booked would have barely fit all of our stuff in. Fingers crossed it works out at drop off!!
Anyway off we set towards Bacalar with music blaring and the tunes on. Great stuff.
We were pretty hungry and decided to stop at the first half decent place we saw and soon enough saw a random restaurant on the side of the road which was pretty busy. I ordered a very tasty fish soup and Sarah a mixed Cerviche. Both were great and if Mexican food continues the way it has started we are in for a treat!
Our arrival at Bacalar was slightly spoilt by the fact that the weather had turned and it was raining a bit. But we had booked a nice place (our only option as everywhere was booked out) and all we had to do was find it. It was on the outskirts of town and had we not been in South America for this long I might not have thought that the roads were drivable but around and through the potholes we went and eventually found the place.
The lake outside our hotel was meant to be a gorgeous combination of 7 different blues but unfortunately it wasn’t such a great sight with the weather we had! Still we had a town to explore and Mexico were playing Chile in the Copa America so we set off in search of somewhere suitable.
Soon enough I was drinking Coronas and Sarah a litre of Mojito and we ordered some Nachos to share. Well I thought I had eaten fairly decent Nachos before but none came up to the standard of these. They were fantastic! The beers were pretty good to as well as the good humour of the local Mexicans who just watched their side getting drubbed 7-0 by Chile!
All in all a great first night and really excited about Mexico. T

Last Chicken bus for a while…sad moment.

Our rental car…….. Maybe they hit a roo??

Fairly large fresh juice!

We will never grow tired of the fruit you can buy on the side of the road.

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