Bacalar to Mahahaul

We awoke to more bad weather but that didn’t deter us from going and seeing our first Cenota (sink hole). The water was a deep blue but when you looked in it was crystal clear. A little thunder storm turned up but the water was really warm so we decided to still go for a swim. It was really very nice but a shame we didn’t see it in sunshine as I think it would have been spectacular. Oh well there are plenty more Cenotas up the coastline so hopefully we get one of those in sunshine.
Next stop was the lake and again the weather wasn’t great but you could tell that in the sunshine it would have been glorious. We still had fun taking silly photos of us diving off the jetty. 
We then jumped in the car and headed for Mahahual our first Mexican destination on the Caribean coast line. It was briefly mentioned in our tour book and we talked to the owner of the hotel in Bakalar so was expecting something pretty special off the Gringo trail.
We arrived and were soon being accosted by waiters waving menus at us while we were driving down the street. We were both starving by this stage so pulled up and were escorted to a restaurant which was right on the beach! Beautiful seafood in an awesome setting and we were pretty happy with our decision to come here. We utilized the car and drove around for a while looking for suitable accommodation. We soon found some cabanas right on the beach. With the added bonus of there not being very many people booked in so it was really quiet. We dumped our bags and headed straight for the beach for a swim. The water was something else! The colours just divine. It also helped that there was a little reef just off the shore which made the water flat as a pancake. 
After that we ventured back into town and settled in for a few cocktails and beers on the beach. We met a lovely Venezuelan bar tender who made amazing mango margaritas. We talked to her about Venezuela and asked if she was going back. She sadly shook her head and said no she wouldn’t be going back anytime soon but all her family are still there. Unfortunately she is having a tough time finding work without papers in Mexico. I wonder how many other Venezuelans have left due to the crisis unwinding there and when do they start becoming refugees considering the situation is getting that bad that people are struggling to get food and medicine for their families. Again it just makes you realize how lucky we are. Our political parties are by no stretch of the imagination perfect but we take our countries stability and our right to vote in a safe and unbiased election for granted. S

A Cenote near Bacalar which was 90m deep. I think it might have looked a bit better in the sunshine but it was still a really nice swim.

The lake I think may have looked better with some Sunshine. Still beautiful though.

We still managed to entertain ourselves.

We knew from the start we were somewhere cool.

Our little bungalow for the next few days

Pretty good view ☺️

It wasn’t super sunny but the clarity and temperature of the water made up for that.


Hammocks and 2 for one cocktails on the beach. Big thumbs up from me!

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