We reluctantly packed our bags and headed out of Mahahual but not after a last swim in the beautiful turquoise waters. We also found a hammock slung in the water and couldn’t resist some photos in the paradise setting.

We were heading north to Tulum which is known for its Mayan ruins on the beach and apparently one of Mexicos best beaches. So we were pretty excited about that. We were also loving having the car and the flexibility it gave us. We stopped on route to see some random Myan ruins on the side of the road and had the place to ourselves. Well other than the thousand mosquitos that happily lunched on us. 

After that we stopped in a little village for some delicious Mexican fare. We had a little bit of miscommunication on what was on offer so to fix that we were lead to the back of the cantina and shown every pot that was on the stove. Loved it. 

Tulum is kind of split into two parts. The beachfront and then about a kilometer inland there is the town. We decided to drive out to the beachfront to see what it looked like and also to see how expensive it was out there. Well when we arrived we were a little disappointed as there were big beach resorts fronting the beach behind a wall of trees. So you couldn’t really see the beach. There was really only two public beach access points for a kilometer or two. The beach was fantastic at these spots with the water being the most turquoise I have ever seen and the sand was so white. But…. Everyman and his dog who were staying in the town were there. We even tried to find some budget accommodation along the front thinking that would be a great way to get a bit of secluded beach but the prices were extortionate. 

So back to the town we went. The town was cool with the Main Street and several side streets lined with restaurants and bars. But we definitely think we missed a trick not staying further south for longer as this place is packed with tourists. A lot of those being American. Nevertheless we had an awesome night at a cute little sports bar watching the football, where we ran into an Australian couple who we have seen around the same sites we have been to for the last week or so. So we had a few drinks with them and then a few more when we moved to one of the local restaurants. 

So after out initial disappointment of Tulum the town was slowly growing on us. S

Not the most energetic start to a day, but it certainly felt good.

Some little huts available to buy.

A great ruin just to stop off and take a look at.  Really quite a special find.

We got to Tulum beach just in time for a swim.  This shot is a bit of a cheat as we have managed to cut all the people out!

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