Tulum Ruins and a Wander around

Well even though we had enjoyed a few beers, margaritas, tacos etc the night before we still set the alarm to get up to try and beat the crowds into Tulum ruins. We had noticed that the place was full of tourists so we aticipated seeing a few at the most famous site in the area.
We made it there for just after 8 o’clock and were delighted to see that there were only a dozen or so other people there so we were able to get some nice photos without anyone in them.
The sight itself is quite spectacular sitting on the cliffs, right on the coastline with the beautiful white sands and turquoise waters below. The area is completely open and we enjoyed seeing the layout of the ruins and how it must have looked back in the day. It was awesome to see the temples but once again we felt that they didn’t come up to the high standard of Copan. Shame we went there first really but still we enjoyed wandering around the ruins but it would have been nice for some more in depth writings about what we were seeing as it was all a bit basic.
We actually enjoyed photographing the wildlife almost as much as the ruins for the place was filled with massive iguanas who were enjoying warming up in the morning sunshine. The sight was really quite peaceful and beautiful that early in the morning, but all this was about to change.
We had finished walking around the site and were heading back to the entrance and then our car and on the way we past group after group of tourists. Each group were about twenty strong with a guide and we decided that it was like a ride in an amusement park because every minute there was another one. We again gave ourselves a high five for avoiding the massive throngs of people.
So now it was still early in the day and we didn’t really know what we were going to do. We had seen the beach the day before and the public area was packed and the rest was all privately owned by various restaurants and hotels so we decided to give it a miss and go for a drive north along the coast.
We popped into a few side roads to see what was going on but it was mostly massive mansions right on the beach. It does look like quite a good place to build your mansion and some of them were really quite impressive. We found a gap between a couple of the houses and managed to cool down with a dip in the ocean before heading on our way again.
We decided to try and find a cenote to go for a swim in and ended up finding picking one randomly out of the many that were advertised along the road. We parked the car and wandered in not knowing really what to expect but we had done well, the place was advertising four different cenotes and a park to walk through.
We signed up, donned our life jackets and followed to path. The cenote we had been in before could pretty much be called a lake. These were very different however as they were more underground. The was a smallish opening then the cave opened up and was full of water. There was no one there so it was a little eerie and spooky and the water was freezing but we really did enjoy our swims. The water was so clear and with the fact that we were inside a cave in the water we r ally felt we were experiencing something completely different. All four caves were slightly different, one more like a resort pool but the last was our favorite. It had the smallest opening and we really go to explore a little inside the cave truly a fantastic experience.
These cenotes have all been turned into swimming holes now, but back in the Mayan times they were used as a source of water. The whole area is limestone and these caves are all fresh water and are often linked to each other. There is apparently some amazing diving to be done through the caves but unfortunately not for us.
We checked the time when we finished swimming and couldn’t believe it was only lunchtime. A quick check of the map and we saw that we were only 20kms from Playa de Carmen, described as a chic beachside town.m what a perfect place for lunch. Turns out it was a chic as Gold Coast or Blackpool but was still fun to wander around. The prices for food were massively higher than what we had become used to but found some excellent tacos in a local market which we scoffed down.
We were exhausted by this time so decided to go back and try and fit in a quick siesta. Then it was back to the bar to watch the football while getting abbot of an education in Tequila.
I only tried one but went for one of the best ones and to be fair it was absolutely delicious. No lime or salt required apparently that’s just an American thing. Also we found out that like champagne, tequila can only be called tequila if it’s from a specific region, otherwise it’s called Mezcal.  
Sensibly we left the bar before trying too many and grabbed yet another superb plate of nachos and slumped in bed exhausted. T

Impressive temple and very impressive location at Tulum.

The combination of the beach and the ruins was superb.

Iguanas, cliffs, beach and turquoise water says it all.  Exactly where I would position my temple I reckon.

It difficult to get a shot of how close the temples are to the water but this is the best we could do.

Sarah getting a little close to this local.

One of the beaches we stopped at along the way from the ruins.

The coast is absolutely full of mansions like these.

The entrance to one of the denotes we had a swim in.

This one was a bit more open and swimming pool like.

These are all shots of the last cenote, the water is so clear and the setting just unreal.

This is a shot underwater, just to show how clear it was.

Playa de Carmen chic?  Not our scene really.

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