Day 2 in the Park

After the epic day we had had yesterday we awoke feeling a little sore in the feet and legs yet were really excited about another day in the park!! After another interesting breakfast of coffee, dumplings and spicy noodles we were ready for the day.
The efficiency of getting around the park was all quite brilliant, I guess it has to be because they have to get a lot of people around the place and if it wasn’t up to scratch it would be a nightmare!
Once again our host Sue had done brilliantly with her suggestions of where and when to go places and we got to start the day off with a hike along the canyon floor with hardly anyone else around!! We were actually able to enjoy some peace and tranquility for what felt like the first time in a long time.
The great pinnacles were towering up around us and the stream/river flowing down the canyon was crystal clear. The woods were full of unusual looking plants and leaves and all in all we had a great start to the day.
We even encountered some Macaque monkeys which there were plenty of warnings about. These guys have worked out where to get food and rather than waiting to be given it, were more than happy to take it themselves!! Luckily we weren’t attacked but enjoyed watching them jumping around.
As we got closer to our destination we also got closer to the tour groups and general throngs of people. But again the size of the place and the facilities meant that the numbers could be coped with and it wasn’t long before we were up on top again after a short cable car ride.
It was another walk around a pathway with various lookouts and if it’s possible it was actually better views than yesterday!! Every time we stopped at a lookout we were presented with unbelievable views, truly a spectacular place!! We had also timed it right and were walking around during lunch and so numbers were down.
Lunch was a fantastic find but a little expensive at $3! Noodles with strips of cucumber stirred in with chilli, lime and soy sauce. Simple but delicious.
Since we had been lazy and caught the cable car up the mountain we thought we had better walk down. While it was a lovely walk it took us about 1.5hours and we have no idea how many steps we descended but we were both more than happy that we hadn’t walked up (I think we would have still been there). 
When we got back to town we decided to treat ourselves to a foot massage. We have been lucky enough to experience these in Thailand before and they were quite relaxing. The Chinese version was less so. After lengthy negotiations about which massage we wanted, we wanted the cheapest and she wanted us to have the most expensive, we eventually managed to get what we wanted and sit down to relax.
Bowls of scalding hot water were brought and we put our feet in them to be sterilised, fair enough. About 20 minutes later and nothing else had happened and we actually were wondering whether this was it! There had been lots of phone calling though and eventually two ladies arrived and started massaging and punching our feet!! It was a pretty hard massage and about halfway through they brought out a vile of some sort of liquid and then hustled us out of more money to rub it into our legs! We have no idea what it was but definitely got scammed by the place!
We spent the rest of the evening walking around the other half of the town which was quite a bit more buzzy with loads of shops, restaurants and bars. We had a fairly disappointing dinner which looked good but turned out to be very expensive and Sarah is still unsure as to what the meat we ate was! I guess one bad meal here and there is to be expected. The massage and the meals certainly won’t detract one iota from what has been a superb couple of days in the National Park. T

Looking up at the canyon during our morning walk.

The locals waiting for their opportunity.

Another fantastic cable car ride.

Some more amazing views of the park.

Lunch, just that easy, cheap and good.

The scenery was beautiful on the way down but the steps were agony.

Our last view of the amazingly beautiful Wulinyuan National Park.

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