Wulinyuan National Park

We woke early and headed to a nearby restaurant for our 15 yuan or $3 breakfast. Which was a traditional Chinese breakfast so it pretty much consisted of what you would eat for dinner here and hard boiled eggs, steamed buns and some overcooked rice like porridge thing. But it was cheap and filling and had decent coffee so can’t really complain. I do miss bread though.
After breakfast we walked to the park gates and caught the next bus into the park. The cool thing with the park is that there are free buses that transport you around the park. Some on the plateau and some in the valley. The view driving through the valley to the bottom of the Bailing escalator was breathtaking with soaring pinnacles and jade green lakes. The Bailing escalator which is really an elevator literally takes you up the side of a mountain. About half way up, the outside turns to glass and you get an uninterrupted view of the skyline and the vastness under the elevator. It was pretty exhilarating and scary. The view from the viewing platform was breathtaking with the sun shining off the peaks. 
We were now on the plateau and caught our next bus to another section of the park. Sue the lady at our hostel who was marvelous and gave us a route to follow said it would be busy but as we had gotten to the park when it opened so it wasn’t too bad. The views here were really something. We didn’t know what to expect from the park but had high hopes considering they were touting it as the inspiration from Avatar and they were right. It was very otherworldly.
One of the most unusual things but one of the best was that at regular intervals there were stalls set up selling food and drinks. Mostly boiled and then fried potatoes covered in delicious spices, fruit and meat on sticks. We were making good time so decided to complete the next circuit before lunch.
We didn’t quite realize what we had gotten ourselves into. The path wound sharply down and then up and up and up for what felt like eternity. The route was called One Step to the Heaven so we should have realised it was going to be up! But then we came to a ladder which took you up onto the top of a very high and narrow pinnacle. The views! 
The walk back down was fine and we then got to sample some of the delicious potatoes at the bottom! We then caught another bus and were at the final leg for the day. As it was just after lunch this area was packed with tour groups. We actually had to wait in line to get to the edge to take our photos. This wasn’t the greatest but it was all kind of fun because we got to people watch along the way. 
To get home we had the option of walking down 8000 steps or catching the cable car for $13 each. We caught the cable car. But it was really worth it as it descended between two pinnacles and over the forest. I don’t why it but it feels way scarier in one of those things when there is no snow below! S

Easily one of the most impressive elevators.

The views from the top of the plateau were incredible.

The place looks physically impossible and it’s difficult to capture the sheer size and height of the place.  These features are about 850 m high

Tying on our red ribbon for luck.

Food always available.  These potatoes were particularly delicious.

It was difficult to wipe the smiles from our faces the whole way around.

An amazing cable car down through the pinnacles.

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