It was a cracking day we awoke to, not a cloud in the sky. So we had places to be and were out the door well before 9 to get some breakfast but found out that cafes don’t open that early here so had to wait around until 9 so walked around the little park opposite our hotel. The autumn colours and green grass and blue sky made the views beautiful. 

After that we headed off towards the Kremlin via the pedestrian Bauman Street. The street is lined with pretty old buildings and about 50 metres in, a dark brick church greeted us. We climbed the bell tower and got views of Kazan and in the distance the Kremlin. 

We hit the white brick wall surrounding the Kremlin and walked inside. The structure that you are drawn to is the mosque as it’s white thin spires were in our vision quite away away. I think it has become my favorite building in Russia so far. It’s tiled white walls topped with aqua blue spires were stunning. The detail in the spires meant you saw something new every time you looked at it. It looked to me like a proper fairy princess castle. 

Inside we got to walk up to a viewing terrace which we thought was going to give us views out. But instead it was an internal viewing terrace and you got to see the men kneeling at prayer. The ceiling was lotus shaped with beautiful detailing. Back downstairs there were people crowded around a corner so we walked over and there was a man at a seat being videoed reading the Koran. It looked like it was being broadcast on you tube.

Once out of there we wandered around the Kremlin looking at all the architecturally different buildings with administration buildings standing beside churches and towers. A very eclectic mix.  

I unfortunately can’t tell you much about the place like when it was built and what each building was used for as we had forgone the tour and just wandered around. I did read that one of the towers was supposedly built by Ivan the terrible on instructions from his soon to be wife the princess of Kazan. She said if he built the tallest tower in Russia in 7 days she would consent to marrying him. He did it but instead of marrying him she jumped to her death. So the story goes anyway. No wonder it has a lean to it if he built it in 7 days.

After that we walked along the river admiring all the old buildings. But unfortunately we wandered closer and realized the buildings were actually new made to look old. Which kind of lost some do the romanticism for us. By this stage we were frozen so went for some lunch and home.

We ventured back out when it was dark to view the Kremlin under lights. It was well worth braving the cold as the views were great and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Kazan has been a really great stop and we have really enjoyed the city. S

One of the little villages we passed on the train. You could see where the lake was starting to freeze.

Looking very Russian with his new leather flat cap with drop down ear muffs.

The start of Bauman Street.

A close up of the church.

Another amazing church! This one reminded me of those Easter eggs you get made out of painted sugar.

Morse churches.

The walls of the Kremlin.

The mosque.

Inside the mosque.

The leaning tower of Ivan the Terrible.

This building was along the river esplanade. Looks old but is in fact new.

The different shapes of the buildings in the Kremlin. So diverse.

This photo doesn’t do it justice.

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