Out of Kazan

Last day in Kazan today and we had the whole day until our train left at 7pm. Having spent yesterday walking around the Kremlin and seeing most of the major sights we thought we would venture further out of town and see a church which was called the church of many faiths.
While the church was followed by many faiths none of them required it to be open on Monday, which was a bit of a shame!! Still it was a weird and wonderful building from the outside, eclectic as you would expect but a sort of Gaudi inspired brickwork affair at the same time. It would have been great to see inside but instead it was back on the bus and back to town for us.
Pretty uneventful day for the rest of the time but we did definitely enjoy Kazan, it certainly has something about it. In amongst all the old historical buildings there are loads of cool restaurants and bars and those are just the ones we saw. I imagine there are loads more tucked away from the touristy areas.
There is also a lot more English spoken here and I certainly feel that we are making our way out of Siberia and into Europe. The affluence of the city and the people in it is very apparent in comparison to those we have seen further east. We have also noticed a lot more English written in the signage (especially of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops) it seems that if it’s going to be modern it’s written in English!!
It was pretty exciting getting on the train as we knew we were going to be waking up in Moscow!! Plus the train rides are pretty special and although we didn’t get to sleep fantastically it is a really nice way to travel. We settled back on our bunks ate our dinners, opened our books and let the world pass us by…next stop Moscow. T

The church of many faiths.  Also many designs and inspirations.

Souvenir shopping in Russia!

The train stations we have stopped at have been fantastic, especially at night!

Our cabin on the train…luxury!

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