Arrival in Moscow

First class luxury on the overnight train again to Moscow! We arrived at 7am to a beautiful pink sky when we walked out of the Metro stop. As we were walking to our hotel we realised that we were staying in the swanky area of Moscow. Mercedes were the norm and Gucci and Chanel lined the streets. Out little hotel was tucked away in a court yard which took us a little while to find. We couldn’t check in yet so dumped our bags and went for a walk around. Red square was only about 15 mins away so we headed there first.

Along the way were gobsmacked at the buildings around us. It’s very majestic and made more so with very wide streets which allows you to see a lot more around you. We entered the Red Square and had St Basil Cathedral being hidden behind a blinding sun. But when we turned our backs the state museum in front of us was spectacular.
I really love the red brick detail. We walked along the Kremlin wall and soon got our first real view of the Cathedral with the sun behind the Kremlin wall and it was amazing. The Russian architecture is just so unique. The different coloured and textured onion spires seem too crazy to be on a church. We were worried that after the others we had seen we might get to Moscow and St Petersberg and be a little underwhelmed but that is not so. They just keep getting bigger and better! 
The man himself Lenin’s mausoleum is in Red Square where you can view his actual body which has been on display since 1924! I don’t know what it is about mummifying Communist leaders and putting them on display but we lined up and made the procession past his body like all the rest. Very weird. I will say one thing though, the statues that we have seen of him really accentuate his chin whereas in real life it was smaller. 
After walking around the Red Square we headed for some food and then headed back in the direction of our hotel with a few museums to visit along the way. Well we couldn’t find one but managed to find the museum of modern art quite easily. The exhibitions were good and centered around the abstract art movement through the communist years in Russia and the struggles that the artists had to go through, especially when funding was cut because those in charge didn’t like their work. 
We then headed back and checked in and proceeded to be lazy for the rest of the afternoon. But we did venture out into the cold to see the Red Square and St Basil’s cathedral etc at night and it didn’t disappoint. We then had to make a wine pit stop before dinner as we were cold to our bones but the wine dos the trick and warmed us nicely. Dinner was a funky dumpling restaurant near our hotel that lived up to the hype of trip advisor. We will definitely be going back for round 2! S

Our first glimpse of Moscow as we came up from the Metro

The War Museum just outside the Red Square.

The History Museum at the northern end of the Red Square.

St Basil’s cathedral.

One of the upmarket pedestrianised streets around where we are staying.

A typical street shot in Moscow.

A couple of the many churches around Moscow, these were just opposite the Museum of Modern Art.  The colours are just fantastic.

Such unusual designs.

The skyline looks like a theme park.

St Basil’s at night.  The more you look at this building the more you see.

Red Square, not exactly packed!

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