Hell Yeah Helsinki

Weather apps can be pretty useful but when you wake up and it’s stating that the “real feel” temperature is going to be -11 with light snow and wind (a blizzard really) I am not sure if they really help. But we got up and stuffed ourselves at our buffet breakfast and then set off in the snow to catch our ferry to Helsinki.
We were expecting worse conditions on the crossing but it was pretty good and by the time the two hours had passed and we arrived at Helsinki the weather had even improved just a little. It was still bitterly cold though but this is the most northern point in the world in our travels and it sits right on the Baltic Sea so cold is what we were expecting.
Our first little walk to the apartment where we were staying wasn’t too inspiring but we dumped our bags and went for a stroll until we were allowed to check in. First stop we thought we would have some lunch and the local markets but unfortunately when we got there it turned out that Finnish market prices were even higher than Sunshine Coast Market prices and so therefore a little out of our price range. Luckily Lidl was just down the way so we stopped in there to buy some sandwhich stuff.
We still had time to kill until our apartment was available so had a little wander but unfortunately weren’t massively inspired. Maybe it was just the roads we were walking down but nothing was really standing out. Still the apartment turned out to be great and we marked down a couple of the main sights and set off out again for another go.
Strange would be a word to describe the Church in the Rock which was the first sight we went to. It is a church built with rock walls in a Scandinavian style. It was fairly interesting but really, tick and onto the next sight.
Next turned out to be the Chapel of Silence which was a uniquely designed wooden building where inside you could sit on pews in silence. The design of the place was really interesting and it was quite surreal sat in such a quiet place right in the middle of town with all the hustle and bustle going on outside. However for us sitting in silence is not really why we were here in Helsinki so we carried on.
We walked through the city centre towards to port and the MARKET which unfortunately only must open through the day. It was about 4pm by this stage but dark. Nearby where the square was was a modern Finnish spa which looked quite cool. It was all very modern looking and involved going for a sauna then dipping into the sea! We would have been keen but by this stage we didn’t really fancy walking all the way back to our apartment to then come back again, it was just getting colder and colder after the sun went down.
We finished up by walking home through the streets lined with shops and restaurants (all of which were way above our budget) but it was all nice window shopping. The whole area is very nice and clean and modern but I have to admit there just hasn’t been a wow factor for me. The water around the city centre is nice to look at but the place almost seems a little bland, not in a bad way just not terribly exciting. T

A little chilly to say the least leaving Tallinn.

The bay of Helsinki full of little islands covered in snow.

A typical Helsinki street.

There were loads of walkways and bikeways passing through the city.

The inside of the church in the rock.

The chapel of silence in the middle of downtown Helsinki.

Designer shops and flash buildings line the streets.  

The harbour in Helsinki.  Always cruisliners coming in.  The foreground is the sauna and swimming area and behind is the tallest Ferris wheel in Finland!

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