Helsinki Day 2 

We headed out pretty early to Saumolina Fortresss which is a fortress built in the 18th century on a tight cluster of islands connected by bridges just outside of Helsinki. The day again was a cold and grey one, but it was nice to get out and have a look at all the little islands around Helsinki. The fortress and church were nothing flash but the views back to Helsinki and across the Baltic were lovely. We wandered around for about an hour and then headed back. 
We had grand plans to head out to Povoo which is billed as a quaint little Finnish village. Well we made it as far as the bus terminal and then both looked at each other and decided we didn’t really want to. Mostly just because it was cold and we had a cute little apartment that was nice and warm and cosy. 
Bu we went to the Kiasma Gallery first so we didn’t feel too lazy. As luck would have it, today was free day! Winning! There were some really interesting artworks and exhibitions and some equally not so interesting ones. That’s modern art for you! We then went and slumped for the rest of the afternoon. We did manage to pick up some locally caught and smoked salmon from the market which went lovely in our pasta with a bottle of red which can only be purchased from the hard liquor store called Alko. Which we found very amusing! Just a short stop off in Finland for us this time and to tell you the honest truth it was long enough for me this time of year. S

One of the islands on the way out to the fortress.

Some of the buildings on the fortress island.

Views of the Baltic.

Looking at these photos makes me cold! 

The clock tower.

View back to Helsinki.

Kiasma Gallery.

One of the artworks was a circular mechanical sand rake that cleared the sand on one side and raked it on the other. It was so mesmeric.

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