Arrival in Vilnius 

Today was transit day. We caught a bus from Riva to Vilnius in Lithuanina. The drive seemed to be just through miles and miles of flat land covered in snow with a bit of forest to break up the monotony. It reminded me of the movie Fargo. 

We arrived around 3.30pm and have scored ourselves a lovely studio apartment overlooking a church. It’s big and cosy and we were both tempted to forget the sight seeing and stay in. But we donned our jackets and headed out. The temperature is a lot nicer here. I joked to Tim that it was almost pleasant. Geez what have I been subjected to that just above freezing is pleasant!

The old town of Vilnius is another surprising gem. Filled with churches and beautiful streets it was a lovely walk around. We entered a gothic style church and it was a little spooky inside it say the least. There were not many lights on and the statues and decorations were all pretty scary and we walked in on a lady lying prostrate on the floor in the middle of the room which added to the level of spookiness.

We hit a few more churches but by this stage the sun had gone down, fog had started to roll in and it also started to rain. So we went for a look at the main cathedral square which houses Vilnius cathedral. A massive church with a beautiful bell tower out front. Behind this is Gediminas hill which has a castle on top and is where the city was founded apparently. Here we walked home via the cobbled old town passing another gothic church which would be my favorite called St Anne’s Cathedral. Can’t wait to see it all tomorrow without the rain…. Hopefully! S

The interior of the spooky church.

A typical Vilnius street.

Cathedral square.

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