Castles in Lithuania 

Glorious to wake up in such a nice apartment today and having seen Old Town when we arrived yesterday we decided to head out to Trakai which was a short bus ride out of town. We are getting used to nice easy bus rides and this was no different surfing the net all the way to Trakai in our minibus.
We were expecting a quaint little village with a castle but we arrived in an old eastern block style estate. Not much beauty to behold just a lot of functional housing. The same as many many housing estates the world over. It wasn’t long though until we had walked through the estates and came upon a beautiful lake with houses dotted around it.
Further around the corner and we got to see our first glimpse of the fairly impressive Trakai Island Castle. It reminded me of a lego castle and had been very well restored. We didn’t pay to go in but had a lovely walk around the paths next to the lake having a lovely chat as usual!! Lucky us!!
The days aren’t long at the moment so by the time we got back to Vilnius we didn’t have long before the sun set and we wanted to climb the Gediminus Hill in the centre of town where we were to get great views of the Old Town. Well it didn’t disappoint and we continued on our walk through the cobbled streets of the old town finding various churches.
We found a food market and got some stuff for dinner. Europe is still good for cheap staple foods and we took advantage of this with a fairly plain and cheap dinner.
Last day in the Baltics and I have to admit it’s been absolutely amazing. It’s an area of the world I didn’t know too much about but it really has been special. We haven’t seen a lot, but the three main cities have all been spectacularly beautiful. It’s been really great wandering around their cobbled streets soaking it all up. I would definitely love to come back to explore a bit of the countryside, maybe in the summer though! T

In amongst the estates there were the odd gems about.

A beautiful walk around a beautiful lake.

The huge lego castle at Trakai.

The local style houses.  I love the different colours people use.

A typical street in Vilnius, all pastel colours.

A view across to the newer side of Vilnius.  There is loads of interesting architecture and newer buildings.

Gazing out over the Old Town of Vilnius.

A tile in the huge Cathedral square which marks the spot where the last person in the Baltic Wave stood.

St Anne’s church.  I don’t know if it was the fading light but all the churches seemed very imposing. 

The square near where we were staying in Vilnius.

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