Brasov and relaxing

Today was relax day. After a very lazy morning enjoying our beautiful attic apartment we headed into Brasov. The weather certainly was not making us feel guilty of our choice of staying inside as it was foggy and cold. We were only about 10 mins walk from the city and soon found ourselves in the central square. Christmas decorations were being erected on a giant pine tree in the middle which would be lovely at night. I hope they finish before we leave. 
From here we walked to the outskirts of the old town wall and headed up an embankment to White Castle for foggy views over the city. We couldn’t work out if the view would be better with or without the fog as it gave it a very medieval eery vibe even though you couldn’t see the tops of buildings. We then headed down the pedestrian street for more picturesque old town views and decided that was enough exercise for one day and headed home. S 


The Black Church.

The White Castle. They are not very imaginative with their names here.

The views over the city. There is actually a lovely mountain behind the city that is hidden from view due to the fog.

Notice anything different?! 

A section of the city wall.

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