Castles around Brasov

In between all the relaxing in Brasov we wanted to go and see a couple of the castles nearby. The main attraction here is Bran’s Castle and was only 30kms away.
The sun was out and it was a beautiful day for sightseeing and the countryside just looked fantastic as we drove down to the castle. Bran castle when first seen looks like something out of a fairytale. While it was commanding in its presence it also had pointed roofs and turrets which made it look more pretty than threatening.
The castle itself was originally built to protect the trade route through the area but later was transformed into more of a palace residence for the royal family. We were allowed inside and the place was a complete rabbit warren of rooms and wasn’t necessarily the grandest of palaces. I couldn’t help but feel we were in a Disney set while we were there as this place must have been the inspiration for what one would imagine a castle to look like.
Although there was a tenuous link to Vlad the Impaler here it’s not the Dracula castle, we are lucky that we are going to see that place tomorrow!!
On the way back we passed the town of Rasnov which again had a castle, this time perched atop a hill above the town itself. From the road it really looked wonderful and we were keen for a closer look. After negotiating a parking lot full of Romanians (I don’t think anyone has explained that the lines painted on the ground indicate where you should park your car) we made our way up the hill to the castle.
We quickly worked out that the best view of the castle was from afar. The interior was full of people selling touristy stuff and people sort of dressing up in medieval clothes. It was all a bit strange. The views of the surrounding countryside were fantastic though. You can really see the valley which was the trade route that these castles were protecting.
This whole area is incredibly picturesque and the castles and the old towns are incredibly postcard perfect. The valleys are full of colourful little villages and then the mountains lining the sides of the valley look incredibly dramatic especially with their snow capped peaks. Can’t wait for the drive tomorrow north to Sighisoara, birthplace of Vlad the Impaler!! T

Blue sky and beautiful countryside.

A few photos from the inside of Bran’s Castle.

It’s the outside which looks most impressive though rising up in the centre of the village.

A farmhouse with hay bales ready for winter.

The town of Rasnov with the castle perched high above.

The front gate.

The view from the castle out over the valley.

Sarah looking for invading troops.

The best views of the castle are from further away.

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