Arrival in Vienna (and the West!)

We didn’t realize how tired we were until we woke up today after a relatively easy week feeling a million dollars. Not that we are complaining in the slightest it’s just that being on the go for so long really takes it out of you. We both are looking forward to unpacking our bags in London for a few weeks. But after our little weeks rest we are raring to go for the next part of our Europe journey.
So we got a little fright when looking at accommodation for Vienna as it was a lot more expensive. But I suppose that is to be expected and I don’t think going forward anywhere is going to be particularly cheap. Nevertheless we found a hotel very central for what seemed cheap for Vienna.
We dropped off our bags in our really nice hotel and headed out. Well we were really knocked off our feet. Vienna has got a fabulous feel to the place. Very regal due to the architecture and royal opulence of the streets yet quite an arty hip vibe. Very touristy but we were both surprised at the amount of young people around.
We hit the centre and were lucky enough to hit a whole heap of Christmas markets. The sun was setting and then all the Christmas lights came on. Coupled with Gluevien (mulled wine) stalls everywhere. Having a sprinkling of snow everywhere really would have been the icing on the cake but alas the weather did not put on a show. 
We first headed to the Spanish Riding school to see if we could get tickets to one of their fabulous shows. But unfortunately they are only on a weekend but we did manage to get tickets for their morning training which we were both very excited about.
We then wandered to the Museum Quarter which as the name states is a quarter with lots of museums. We didn’t go into any as it was getting late but clustered around in the courtyards were little bars with a DJ and light display. It looked like a great place for a few drinks but we had places to be.
Next stop the Rathaus, an amazingly intricate spired building that was lit up like a Christmas tree and in the park in front an ice rink and more markets had been set up making it a really fantastic space to be in. 
After this we just spent the rest of the night walking in and among the old quarter soaking up the atmosphere of a truly wonderful city. We have only been here a few hours but I can see we will only barely be scratching the surface of what Vienna has to offer. S

The pinnacle of Austrian cuisine, the Bratwurst!

A typical street in downtown Vienna.  Lined with opulent buildings and shops.

One of the many Gluwien stops around town.

The Greek styled parliament building.

The Rathaus, with markets and ice rink outside.  Really such a great atmosphere about the place.

One of Hitler’s regular haunts.

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