Szeged and Szentendre

The trip to Transylvania had been superb and the number of castles and picturesque small towns we saw was unbelievable. While beautiful in appearance though it has to be said that Romania has seemed very far behind the rest of Europe in terms of development. It’s all well and good to embrace the quaint beauty of the old towns but I have a feeling that the reality is that people here are doing it pretty tough. There aren’t many other places in Europe where you would see a horse and cart on the road. In fact there is even a sign as you enter on the motorway to say no horse and carts! Also I have never seen so many hitchhikers, the practice must work otherwise they wouldn’t be stood there with their hands out.
Still we have enjoyed ourselves admiring the place but now it was time to leave and we packed up the Picanto and set off. We left Romania in fog and literally didn’t see a thing more or less until we hit the border with Hungary which was a bit of a shame.
No troubles for anyone getting over the border to Hungary and we were soon in the student town of Szeged. There were precious few options of places to stay in this area and Szeged seemed the pick of the bunch. It is a student town and we were staying in the heart of studentsville.
When we were checking in to the hotel the lovely old lady didn’t speak any English and asked if we spoke “Hungary?” To which Sarah replied “no thank you”. Well I almost fell off my chair laughing but I guess you had to be there to witness the pure innocence of the misunderstanding and therefore how funny it really was!
The town of Szeged was a nice place to stretch our legs and we had a nice dinner too.
The next day it was back in the car and off to Szentendre just 20km north of Budapest which is another quaint little village. We had hoped to visit the ethnographic museum there but unfortunately it was closed so we amused ourselves with a walk around the village. Having come from Transylvania we have been a little spoilt with quaint villages. While Szentendre was very pretty you could tell it was affected by its proximity to Budapest and everything was a little fake. There were loads and loads of souvenir stands and restaurants all serving some of the most expensive goulash.
Still well worth a walk around and walking down next to the Danube it was a very peaceful and enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. It’s been really great having the car and being able to visit all of these out of the way villages but we return it tomorrow and are back on the busses and trains. T

Chilly nights and warm days at the moment.  Here is a rare sight of a Queenslander scraping the ice off of a windscreen!

I like this statue more than many others we have seen.

The main church in the centre of Szeged.

And the main church in the centre of Szentendre.

The main square really was very pretty.

One of the tributaries of the Danube going past the village.

Carrying baguette home for dinner.

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