From the moment we arrived in Prague the beauty of the city was apparent. Sarah had managed to find an apartment right in the middle of old town which was bigger than some hostels we had stayed in!! Lucky us!!

It was dark by the time we arrived (5 pm!) we were cold but had to head out to get some of this famous Czech lager! It was delicious but to be fair all the Eastern European lager has been pretty special so far but having a Pilsner Urquell in Prague is a definite “tick the box” thing to do. It was the first Pilsner ever brewed. It was so nice I had to have a second to make sure!!

The guide books all said to wander around Old Town and so we dutifully set off. First stop was the main square which was filled with market stalls and lined on all sides by some lovely buildings. The highlight was the Astronomical clock which we saw at the top of the hour (along with 100 others) so got to see the mechanical figures moving as the bell struck.

The city is divided by the Vltava River and on the other side to the Old Town is the Prague Castle set high atop a hill so after we finished wandering around Old Town we headed over passing the Charles Bridge. The Bridge is cobblestoned and on either side are baroque styled statues and it’s full of tourists and vendors selling various souvenirs. While beautiful in its own right it does provide some fantastic views of both banks of the river.

It’s strange because sometimes cities evoke lots of thoughts but Prague really can just be described as very pretty. Not to detract from the place it’s just that everywhere we walked we gazed at beautiful buildings or churches. It was really fabulous walking around. I can see why it’s such a recommended place to come and in fact even though we aren’t here during peak season the place is absolutely packed with tourists!!!

The main square in the centre of Prague had a Christmas tree and plenty of market stalls serving hot wine and cold beer so we joined the throngs of tourists and soaked up the atmosphere! It was an interesting difference to the markets in Austria as this place seemed full of tourists whereas in Vienna there seemed to be as many locals enjoying the markets as tourists. Either way the temperature here dropped significantly and even the hot wine wasn’t warming us up so we snuck of to warm up and have some dinner!! T

The City Hall with the Astronomical clock tower.

The main square in Prague.

A typical street in Prague.

The Powder Tower next to the Municipal Building.

A couple more typical shots of Prague.

The view to the other side of the river and the Castle.

The entrance to the Charles Brideg.

The tourists and vendors on the Charles Bridge.

It was all just so pretty as we wandered around.

A very Christmassy feel to the evening!

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