Prague and Carlstejn

It was another beautiful cold sunny day in Prague and after a slow start decided to head out to Karlstejn which was a little town with a beautiful castle. We walked to the train station via the river and old town again and just had a wonderful time soaking up the sights. I must admit that Prague is up there for my favorite city in this European trip. We haven’t even done anything other than walk around but I just love the place. The buildings really are beautiful and the atmosphere is electric. I don’t know if that is just because we are nearing Christmas but I have a feeling it is always like this. We shall have to come back to find out! 

The train trip to the castle was scenic with the city seeming to just disappear into wooded area and little villages. We were expecting a few more tourists on the train but in Karlstejn only about 3 others got off. Just before the station we caught a brief glimpse of the castle and it was worth the trip. We headed up the path towards the castle through the very cute little village of Karlstejn with its antique stores and pubs. But there was nobody around which made us a little suspicious. But we continued winding our way up the hill and were treated to wonderful views of the castle. The guide book said it was so well restored it wouldn’t be out of place in Disneyland and they were right. Circular towers with square turrets on top made it very princess like. We were umming and arring as to whether to make the trip as we have seen quite a few castles this trip but it was definitely worth it. Unfortunately when we made it all the way to the top we were told by a stern looking security lady that the castle was shut during the week in winter. Oh well at least we got in some exercise! Back down we went to catch the train back to Prague. 

We then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to work out our next stop after Berlin as we checked prices for the weekend and nearly had a heart attack! Apparently all of Germany were going to either Cologne or Hamburg. So now I think it’s 4 days in Berlin instead. 
To cheer us up we found a very cool Czech bar/restaurant which was in an old cellar where we drank beer and ate some really nice traditional food. Prague has truly been a pleasure to see and we both couldn’t recommend the place enough. S 

The view back over to the Palace was just spectacular with a little bit of sun! 

A close up of the Charles bridge with its sculptures lining the way.

A row of houses just outside of Carlstejn. This is only 40 mins by train from the centre of Prague.

The first proper view of the castle. As you can see it was pretty spectacular.

One of the many pubs lining the street. I can imagine in the summer this place would be filled with people.

In my opinion a castle is not a castle unless it has square turrets. You can almost imagine the archer looking out over one as you make your way up the steep incline to the castle doors.

Back in Prague to watch the sunset. 

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