Catching Up in the UK!

We arrived in England by train and as we came out of the Channel Tunnel the sun was out, the sky was blue and the green fields near the south coast looked fantastically beautiful. A sight easily stacking up with plenty of others we have been lucky enough to see in our travels.
It was brilliant to see Mum and Dad waiting for us at the station when we got in and was lovely to spend some time with them in London. It was also nice to unpack the bags and settle down a bit. Well I say settle down but we seemed to carry on at 100 miles an hour enjoying the sights of London!!
The other thing we enjoyed was taking a little bit of time off from writing the blog, not because we had grown tired but more to refresh ourselves for the next phase of the trip. Having said that I wish I had kept up writing as we have done so much during our 6 weeks in England there is no way I am going to fit it all in.
We started by catching up with my extended family both in London and on the south coast in Dorset. I am lucky to have not one but two Grandmas over the age of 90 and it was great to catch up with them. It was brilliant to see everyone again.
We also got to spend some time with some old friends and we had many a great night telling and listening to all the stories of everything we had all been up to over the years as well as a fair amount of reminiscing!! I am not going to say too much just that everyone looked after us so nicely and it was amazing to be able to catch up with so many great friends and we didn’t even manage to see everyone! (If we didn’t see you and you are reading this let’s organise a meet up in the summer).
We hired a car and took a quick road trip around England, Wales and Scotland and almost the whole way around we were spoilt with brilliant blue skies and lovely weather…is it always like this?! Well to be fair it was as we passed from Dorset through Wales to Cheshire and we spent the whole time passing some truly beautiful scenery. We caught up with my oldest friends in Cheshire which was superb (and resulted in a couple of late sessions) and from there we headed north.
I had promised Sarah a beautiful drive through the Lake District and the Borders but instead the fog set in and we were lucky if we could see 50m in front of us!! Never mind it turned back to sunshine while we were in Edinburgh so I was able to show Sarah where I went to University which was great to be able to do!
Passing back through Newcastle, Harrogate and Ipswich we were able to continue catching up with old friends and drinking and eating plenty and by the time we got to Kelly and Ben’s in Ipswich we found ourselves driving about in the snow!! Incredible weather!!!
On the whole I wouldn’t describe our time in England as totally relaxing but it was just fantastic to see everyone and catch up and also superb to be able to stay in London and experience what that’s like!! There is so much to do and see and you only get to experience a snippet here and there but we definitely enjoyed what we saw.
Many many thanks to everyone we saw in the trip!! T

First things first we went and picked up the Christmas tree with Mum & Dad!

Cheesy London photos!

Best seats in the house watching West Ham at London Stadium with Chris Lockwood!

The local pub

The architecture all around London is just fantastic and so interesting the way the streets are all different as you walk around.

Camden Market.

A view down the Thames during one of our many walks around the city.

Christmas lunch! Thanks again to Kelly and Ben for hosting!

Huts on the seaside on Christmas Day in Suffolk! Yes that’s blue sky!

The crew out for my Birthday!

Everywhere you look in London there’s something to see.

Lunch with Granny!

NYE in London, looking out over the city from Primrose Hill.  We might book tickets and get a little closer next time!

Idillic country villages in Dorset, perfect spot for a catch up with family in Sydling St. Nicholas…the beer was pretty good too!

Father son walks!

With Grandma after Fish and chips on the Dorset coast!

The beach on the south coast of England…still can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather!

The drive up through the Brecon Beacons in Wales was beautiful.

The seafront in Aberystwyth.

The obligatory sheep shot in Wales.

Caernarfon Castle on the West coast, quite a magnificent sight.

The Town centre of Chester.

Going on a hunt after a great few days with Penny, Nina, Pam, Ben and Edward! 

Marchmont Crescent in Edinburgh where I lived through University.

I am biased but Edinburgh is really such a beautiful city and it was great to be able to show Sarah around.

Not only a beautiful city, but look at the weather!  I would say it’s always like this in Scotland but…

Bamburgh Castle just north of Newcastle and well worth stopping in at on a fantastic drive down the coast.

The Picture & Piano in Newcastle, where we first met!  Aaaah.

Second visit to the coast in Suffolk was not as sunny as the first!  Still it was a first for Sarah, going to the beach in the snow!

Hyde Park in London where we were able to enjoy some wonderful walks.

The boys back together after far too many years!  Great to see Ben and Gavin again!

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