St Anton

We couldn’t possibly come to Europe in the winter and not get some time up in the mountains and luckily we sent all of our winter gear from Breckenridge to England so we managed a sneaky two weeks in St Anton in Austria spending some quality time in the snow! The first week was just the two of us with sublime sunshine and cold temperatures which held the snow from the dump which fell about two weeks before we got there. We honestly just loved having our own space and cooking our own meals and enjoying a sofa and tv. Plus we were pretty exhausted and sore after snowboarding every day. St Anton links to several resorts or towns making the skiing area massive. In one day we attempted the Run of Fame which is a route which takes you to all the major peaks on the map, takes all day and we managed to do 68km of skiing!

Another great St Anton experience that we had to par take in is the Apre ski. Places like Krazy Kangaroo, Taps and Mooserwitz are all bars up the mountain where you sit out and enjoy a beer or two on the mountain with bad 80’s music and then when it gets dark attempt to ski or board home! As you can imagine it creates some hilarious scenes on the way home. Of course we always behaved ourselves…….. Though on one occasion we decided to walk home instead of board in the dark!

Unfortunately the snow was getting a little bare and the ice was showing its ugly head towards the end of the first week, but within a few days the weather changed and we soon had fresh snow! We managed a few fresh tracks even though we didn’t know the resort. 

We had our friends from Wartberg Silvia and Werner visit on the last weekend. It was great seeing them again and even better skiing with them. Of course being Austrians and skiing being in their blood they patiently waited for the slow snowboarders to catch up! 

We had a another stop off to make before we headed back to London which luckily for us just so happened to be in another ski resort and this time in Flims, Switzerland. My sister Fiona and her two children Fionn and Zara were there for the school holidays. We had an absolute blast playing in the snow with the kids and even managed my very first snowman. I tried my hand at sledding which I must confess I wasn’t the greatest at. I blame the faulty sled which must have started to work correctly again once I swapped with Tim. 

On the second day we went skiing with Fiona and the kids. Fiona like me grew up with no snow so is a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to skiing but Fionn and Zara on the other hand have now been skiing solidly for three years and are super stars. I had to take the blow of my eight and ten year old niece and nephew being faster than me! 

The trip really cemented our thoughts that we would like to spend a longer amount of time in the mountains where we get the benefit of skiing as well as seasonal changes. What this space! S

Just fantastic to be back on the snow again!

The alps are often just picture perfect.

Stunning scenery everywhere we looked.

We found a great spot to have our sandwiches for lunch.

The views at Flims weren’t too bad either!

What a snowman!

Beautiful views at Flims.

Sarah cruising down the slopes!

Two North Queenslanders in the snow!

Tim and I with Fionn and Zara…though you couldn’t tell.

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