On the road to Mirissa

Well we were quite lucky that we only decided to stay one night in Galle as our guest house owners seemed to think we wanted to be up at 5am with all the noise they were making! But that didn’t really bother us too much and after a few bananas purchased at a mobile tuk tuk fruit seller we were packed and heading out the door. Conveniently another couple were getting out of a tuk tuk at our hostel so we thought we would ask the driver to take us to the bus stop. He agreed but then stopped to ask directions from a local. We soon found out he had just driven them from Mirissa which is were he lived and where we wanted to go. So for the cost of petrol we found ourselves being driven the 30kms or so by private driver. 
He also conveniently stopped along the way for us to see the stick fishermen. Men who perch on precarious tall sticks to fish in the surf while the tide is high. I must admit I don’t think these guys make much money from fishing this way but mostly do it for the tourists and their photo money. Still it’s a sight to see.
We had a little bit of trouble finding our hostel and were a little apprehensive when we drove down a small dirt road ending with a few local houses. But a man came out and greeted us and ushered us into his lounge room where we both looked around and wondered if this was where we were staying. Not that there was anything wrong with it but it was very very basic and not the 9 out of 10 according to booking.com we were expecting. So we asked to see the room and were escorted around the edge of the house to a beautiful guest room on the other side of the house. So all was well, especially when we were then served fruit smoothies by Indu and his wife who have so far been the loveliest most caring guest house owners we have met. 
This included an escorted run into town to show us all the major sights and good restaurants. The beach here although very pretty was busy. Bars and restaurants line the sand with shades and sun beds. Not really our cup of tea so we continued on and found a secluded part of another beach around the rock wall and enjoyed a beautiful swim. We also managed to see turtles feeding on the sea grass so hired a snorkel set and followed them around for a little while. It was awesome. Unfortunately there was a local boy trying to impress the girls and kept diving down and touching them. I could have punched him! But when I took back the snorkel and mentioned something to the guy he just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and laughed. Needless to say it didn’t bother the turtle too much because it stayed around.
We also hit the ‘town’ of Mirissa which is pretty much one road with little stalls and shops selling the necessities of a beach town for some lunch. Unfortunately the beachside cafes were all a little out of our price range so found ourselves in a little locals’ restaurant which again was wonderfully tasty Sri Lankan food for ridiculously cheap prices. On the way home we also came across monkeys in the trees near our hostel. It was a day of spotting wildlife!
Back home we sat down with Indu over tea and had a great discussion about Sri Lankan food and he promised us a home cooked meal tomorrow night. He also talked us through quite a lot of traditional dishes and even told Tim he would give him some of his family recipes. 
Once the sun set we headed back in and the little town came alive with lights and everyone walking the street shopping and looking for food. We managed to find a very laid back restaurant right on the beach and even enjoyed a reasonably priced beer or two. Unfortunately the food was not up to the standard we expect from Sri Lanka but the views of the waves and fishing boat lights in the distance along with the company made it pretty wonderful. 
Back home in our princess bed (king sized four poster with a mosquito net) we looked back on the day and remarked how wonderful it was! S

The stick fishermen.

Me in the tuk tuk while Tim and the driver do off to try and find our hostel.

The main beach of Marisa. It was a little overcast today but that made it a little cooler which was nice.

A little section of the beach where all the whale watching boats try and lure tourists to their specific boat.

A few of the fishing boats pulled up waiting for night time.

Our little secluded spot.

One of the turtles we were following.

Tim was awed by this. Street lights you get to switch on and off!

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