Whale watching in Mirissa

Up just before dawn today and greeted by our permanently happy host Indu, we set off in a tuk tuk to the harbour to go whale watching. We were escorted all the way to the boat and asked not to tell the other passengers the special price we had been given for the trip!

It was brilliant sat on the boat in the harbour watching the local fishermen arriving and delivering their fish while the sun rose above the harbour. There were plenty of fishing boats around and also plenty of whale watching boats. All two stories high and there would have been at least 20 setting off with us in search of Blue Whales!

We had been told that we were guaranteed to see whales so much so that a couple of places we looked at had offered a money back guarantee!! We had headed out of harbour for about an hour and saw our first of four Blue Whales. I have to say that it was quite spectacular seeing just how enormous these animals are, especially considering how little of the animal we were actually seeing with most of the huge body being under the water!! The photos don’t really do the occasion justice but it was just incredibly impressive watching these massive mammals cruising along.

Unfortunately it has to be said that the animals would only cruise along for about 2-3 minutes before they would dive down again. Whether this was because they were searching for food or because of the 7 or 8 boats full of picture taking tourists I couldn’t say. The only thing in the boats’ defence is that it happens everyday and they don’t seem to be moving away.

I have to admit that seeing the whales was well worth it and it’s amazing just how big they are, we have seen humpback whales and these guys we saw were twice the size!!! Unbelievable!

We were met off the boat by our tuk tuk driver and felt like royalty as we escaped the scrum behind us and soon enough were back at the guest house where Indu and his wife had prepared a breakfast/brunch for us and even took us into the kitchen to show us how to make roti!!  

The meal was superb and we also got to have a great chat with Indu about life in Sri Lanka which was incredibly interesting. Touching on the war torn existence which prevailed as he was growing up, to the new boom in tourism and perceived optimism which is now prevalent in the country.

The afternoon was spent down on the beach alternating between swimming and reading…tough.

Indu and his wife Komodu had offered to cook us dinner at the guest house so we agreed with enthusiasm and by the time we got home we could already smell the meal being prepared and the smell certainly got the appetite going!! Another couple had checked into the guest house so we decided to all have dinner together and ended up having a great evening. The food was absolutely the best we have had so far in Sri Lanka, the depth of flavour in the curry was just amazing.

We also ate the meal for the first time with our hand the Sri Lankan way!! It’s actually harder than it looks but after getting half of the meal all over my face and arm we were given a couple of hints and by the end we were eating like locals! The key with Sri Lankan food seems to be to combine it all together on the plate and then eat it all together and the flavours all seem to work so well together.

Indu was kind enough to show me his cookbook and I will pick one up before we leave without a doubt!

Not only was the food top notch but Indu’s hospitality throughout our stay with them was exemplary. We had some lovely conversations about life in general in Sri Lanka and we were only unhappy that the place was booked out so we had to leave. Never mind though it was certainly an experience we will never forget!! T

Sunrise over the harbour in Mirissa 

The boats coming in from their nightly fish being greeted by about 100 people.  The main catch here is tuna.

Would have been better if the whale had twisted around for us!

That’s just one tiny bit of the hump of the Blue Whale!

The armada of boats out chasing the whales.

You can see what happens when everyone runs to one side of the boat to see the whales!

First meal at th guest house…delicious.

There are some truly stunning beaches here.

Dinner Sri Lankan style!

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