Tirthan View Homestay

We had decided try and find somewhere a little more secluded in the mountains than McLeod Ganj and we happened across a small paragraph in the Lonley Planet about a valley that pretty much ticked all the boxes. We chose a guesthouse that was one of three online in the area and caught a taxi early the next morning.

The taxi ride was not the best through no fault of the driver. I don’t think we happened upon more than 100 metres of straight road the whole 6 and a half hours of driving. But the scenery was breathtaking as we wound our way around the mountains down and up valleys and over rivers. We were again so glad we hired the taxi instead of catching the bus. This was made even more apparent when we came upon an accident that was fatal. We knew this as the ambulance was there but they were all standing around and hadn’t even covered the body, he was just lying there with his mangled bike beside it.

As we got closer to our destination we knew we were definitely off the beaten track as the villages got smaller and the road soon turned into a single lane with just enough room for others to slowly pass. We headed into the village where we thought the guesthouse was and were both a little disappointed to find the town to be a lot bigger than we expected. But when we asked the local police man walking by where the guesthouse was he told us it was still another 10kms away. By this stage we sensed our taxi driver was starting to get a little annoyed so we got him to call the guest house and sure enough it was back down the road. 

So off we went and soon found ourselves driving up a dirt road on the side of a cliff. By this stage a storm looked to be brewing so we were getting a little worried but we eventually came across two men waiting for us on the side of the road. Our taxi driver was very relieved and quickly dropped us off and eased out of the valley before the storm set in.

The owner Raju greeted us and then showed us to our tiny secluded cabin which had the most breathtaking view down a steep valley with a crystal clear river running through it. He assured us the view actually got better when the upper clouds parted as we had views of a snow capped peak as well. After dropping off our bags he showed us to the main guesthouse where he lived and our meals would be served. This just happened to be another 100metres vertically above us and was only reached by foot. Although we were huffing and puffing by the end of the steep climb Raju who was not even breathing heavily commented to us on how fit we were. Hahahaha sweet talker! 

We both couldn’t keep the smiles off our faces as we sat looking out over such a stunning view in one of the most serene and calm places we have visited the world over let alone India. We quickly asked Raju if we could stay more than the two nights booked and his reply was my home is your home. S

Really glad we hired the taxi instead of catching the bus.

One of the tiny villages we passed. 

Beautiful scenery along the way.

So lush and green.

Not too bad a spot for our welcome drinks. 

View of the afternoon storm sweeping in through the valley.

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