The view up the valley from our bed was spectacular to wake up to this morning and we grinned at each other as to how well we had done to find this place. The only slight issue was the 197 steps we had to hike up to get to the main part of the guest house where the others were sleeping and our meals were being served. Still not exactly a hardship.

Today’s offering was to go fishing and Raju had kindly organised us a guide. We followed him down the steep hill through the orchards toward the river both pretty excited about spending a day trout fishing in the beautiful valley. We arrived at a spot and our guide pulled out a rod, his rod, and started to tie a hook on. He then started casting away. We weren’t exactly sure what to do so I asked if I could have a go and to be fair he allowed me a few casts and even let Sarah have a few afterwards.

The fish weren’t biting though so he led us off down the river bank and occasionally he would stop and cast a few times. Whilst we have gone fishing a few times we have never gone to watch anyone fish before and it was proving to be a little boring. The main excitement came when he got snagged and lost the hook. Sarah and I giggled at each other wondering if that was the only hook he had brought with him. Yes it was, so back to the village we all trudged to buy another one.

Back at the river and once again finding ourselves with nothing to do we decided to leave and go for a walk. Our guide was very surprised and told us to wait as he was going to catch a fish soon! We delicately explained that when we went fishing we usually had rods or at the very least lines each and set off for a walk back up the valley to our guesthouse.

We were able to sit on our balcony and watch an almighty storm roll in down the valley before the weather cleared up. The evening was relaxing playing cards and chatting to the other guests. This really has been a wonderful find of a place and we have found that we are very much enjoying ourselves here. Being so far away from everywhere and only having occasional phone reception and intermittent electricity has been wonderful. I have a feeling we might stay here a few more nights! T

Crossing the bridge to the local village.

The view back up the hill side to our accommodation.

Local houses lining the river.

Trout fishing in the Himalayas.

Sarah was even allowed a go!

But this was how we spent most of our time…watching.

So we left to amuse ourselves and it certainly wasn’t all bad.

 Beautiful views down the valley.

Some odd shrines at the road side.

These were set up all around the area for transporting this up and down the hillsides.

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