San Francisco

What a day!!! Today was a day of exploring San Francisco, so we donned our hiking boots and set out from where we are staying in the Marina district towards Chinatown then down through North Beach to Lombard street then finishing off at Fisherman’s Wharf. In total 15 kms and about 1000 oohs and aahs.
All the different districts are great, and we have been very lucky with where we are staying as we are just a block away from Chestnut St which has a huge selection of very cool places to eat and drink. We enjoyed some great Mexican food here on our first night and then had great pizza and salad followed by some drinks at a cool bar called CCs! Where we were lucky enough to meet Eric who told us everywhere off the beaten track to see in San Fran and then decided that he had so much fun talking to us at the bar that he ripped up our tab and we got the evening for free!
Back to earlier in the day…Chinatown was just enormous, and having been established in the early 1900s has been a big part of San Fran from the beginning. There was shop after shop of all sorts of obscure, weird and wonderful things to buy and we had a great time wandering around all the alleyways. Lunch was Dim Sum in a place that was packed and we were the only non Chinese speaking and it was just wonderful picking the meals you fancied from the ladies as they wheeled their trolleys around.
Stuffed from lunch we went wandering down (and up and down and up again) to Lombard St to see the cars winding their way down the infamous street. It’s always nice to see sights like this but we had an equally good time walking through all the different neighbourhoods seeing all the different stores and people. I don’t think you could get bored in this city there is so much of a variety of things to do it’s great. Also you don’t see too many chain stores it all seems to be little independents which really adds to the variety.
To finish off at Fisherman’s Wharf was great as we sat on the pier watching the sea lions entertain the crowd and then wandered around the piers there again just soaking up all the different people.
So far so very good in San Francisco easily a place we could spend a lot more time in such a great atmosphere. However…it’s not only time but money which you need to spend here, and while there is that sort of hippie feel to the place I think you not only need flowers in your hair but a 6 figure income to go with it! Rents here rival New York’s and day to day living seems more expensive than most other places so far in America too. T

Chinatown, San Francisco.  Absolutely the biggest Chinatown I have ever seen, loads of little alleyways to explore and below a picture of a woman making fortune cookies.


The walk through North Beach was just as impressive with everything just looking so cool and arty.

This really is a typical street in San Francisco the colours everywhere are just fantastic.  
It’s difficult to show how hilly the city is but trust us it was a bit of an effort getting up this hill, but we felt a bit embarrassed while we were suffering and passed the postman who would have been about 60 and walked this street everyday carrying his post bag.  

Sarah at the world famous Lombard St  
This is the view from the bottom of Filbert St, where the street is far too steep for cars and has been turned into fantastic gardens  with a staircase running through it.  You really have to have a green thumb if you live on this street as they are mostly private gardens.  Really quite a magical place to find. 
The Sea Lions doing their stuff at Pier 39, not as many as there used to be apparently but still pretty good to watch.  

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