Puerto Iguazu 

So it whilst it was sad to leave Brazil it was also very exciting to enter Argentina, although we weren’t sure how much change there would be initially as we were essentially just hopping across the river to the other side of the falls.
Well we were wrong as immediately the houses, streets and people were all different and the town certainly has a completely different feel to Foz do Iguazu. Not better or worse but just different. Plus we were now speaking Spanish which we knew a few more words to begin with than Portuguese so hopefully that would help!
After walking around town with our bags in the heat we eventually found our hostel which was a converted house just outside of town run by two ladies who were absolutely so welcoming and very nice so we were happy.
The only downside so far is that no one seems to want to take a debit card as payment and it is costing about $8 to use the cash machines which will only give us $100 a time!! Small problem but we will get around it somehow.
Back to the important stuff…we caught the bus back out to the falls and were told by the helpful guide the order in which we should do things so we obeyed and dutifully went out to the furthest point. Basically this was a long walkway right out into the middle of the falls! Just amazing how close you can get to the incredibly powerful falls.
Just a funny aside, having spent my time in Brazil debating whether or not to buy new things from the home of Havianas it was at this point, in the middle of the falls that I “blew a thong” typical.
Watching the water was quite mesmerizing and it was really quite an awesome place to stand. Slightly disconcerting were the remains of the previous walkways which had been washed away!
It was pretty amazing walking along the walkways and we did so for about 4 hours and would have uttered the word “wow” a hundred times each at least. This is a very, very special place and the views are utterly spectacular. Coupled with that its just amazing how close you get to the falls themselves. We were soaked through by the end of the day.
After having spent as long as we could at the falls we eventually got back to our hostel where we asked where to go to eat and were told to walk two blocks down and take a right. This landed us in a fantastic spot with restaurants lining the streets and a market selling mostly red wine and olives.
We were grinning like Cheshire cats, and although we wanted to start our Argentinian experience with steak and red wine this didn’t seem to be what people were eating here. Instead it was 1 litre bottles of beer and plates of salami, olives and cheese followed by grilled and sliced up steak with chips. The dishes were served so you could use a toothpick to eat everything.
What a great end to a wonderful day!! T

Up close and personal with the Devil’s Throat 

We could stand literally right on the edge of the falls


The views we got on the Argentinian side were just magical.

Perched once again right on the edge  
You could spend days wandering around the walkways never tiring of sights like these.


The restaurants and market stalls in the town


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