Tango in Buenos Aires

As we flew in we realized what a massive city Buenos Aires actually was, luckily we had booked somewhere fairly central and we had also managed to fly into the most centrally located airport so we were very quickly on he streets exploring the city.
The first thing we noticed was how European the city looked. We are staying in San Telmo which is one of the oldest parts of town, and it’s full of narrow cobbled stone streets lined with buildings which would look very at home in a French or Italian city. We found out later during our walking tour that the copying of the European styles has all been very deliberately done and the city was rebuilt to make sure it oozed Frenchness.
This has made it a very interesting city to walk around and while we have not seen many spectacular sights the city is encapsulating and has a very unique feel to it.
First night in Buenos Aires we thought we should probably catch a Tango show and right around the corner there was what looked like a great one, set in a small room below an old cafe (French style obviously). Boy did we have a great night, we were right up close and personal to the dancers and it was a really special evening. The skills they have are awesome and as I am writing this Sarah is looking for places where we can do lessons!
We met another couple at the show and decided to see if we could grab a drink somewhere after and although the city is never meant to sleep, we were obviously walking down the wrong streets as it took ages to find somewhere. We eventually discovered a place called the red door, and in fact the only way you could tell it was a bar was because there were some people milling around outside! It was a great night and apparently the latest trend in the city is to set your bar up as a speakeasy so you really have to know where to go. Probably to keep people like us out!! T

We managed to get pretty close to the tango action.  It really was a great show at Cafe Tortoni 

It’s difficult to capture it but the as the above picture shows the architecture is incredibly European. 

The Pink palace.

There is a modern twist to some of the architecture and above you can see just how many different styles can exist next to each other.

This mechanical flower opens and closes throughout the day, we didn’t unfortunately have the time to sit and watch the slow transformation.

The story of the photos above and below are quite amusing.  A rich aristocratic Argentinian family built the church below as a sign of their faith across a square so they could see it from their mansion.  They unfortunately incurred the wrath of an Irish family when they refused to let their son marry the Irish families’ daughter due to them not being suitable stock.  Well the Irish family built the above building to completely block out the view of the church!  The design of the building is actually quite clever, as the front facing side is designed to look like a middle finger, and all the other aspects of the building are actually quite soft and very nice to look at!

Dog walking is a serious profession here.  There are loads of these guys out and about.

A visit to the Cementerio de Recoleta is an absolute must, it’s absolutely massive and as we walked around we didn’t feel as though we were necessarily walking around a graveyard but as if we were surrounded by hundreds of chapels.  Some of them you can see right into and the coffins are just lying there for all to see.


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