First Week on the Snow!

So before the infamous parcels’ arrival we were happy to watch the snow fall and do as much research into which boards we could buy. So after wandering around town and looking on the internet we decided to go with Mountain Wave board company.
The guys there were just fantastic and the deal was three free days of demos as long as we bought the board from them in the end. The guys were great explaining all the changes and the new boards for us.
We were both very excited on day one and got down to the shop just after lunch after we got our gear together.  
Once we were on our boards we were both very happy that we seemed to have remembered how to board better than we thought!! This might have had something to do with the groomed motorways we were cruising down, but we both finished the first couple of days very happy but fairly sore. The hot tubs were certainly getting a work out!
I can’t thank the guys at the shop enough as we were allowed to try as many boards as we wanted in the three days. They were positioned close to the lifts so we took full advantage and tried two or three a day!!
The staff there were also very good at running repairs on our gear which was slightly dated and suffering a bit from sitting in a humid cupboard for 10 years. In fact if I am going to write truthfully my bindings failed at the first hurdle and my boots literally fell apart!! Sarah’s gear so far has fared a little better but the guys have replaced a few binding straps which have snapped.
Over the three days we were both very excited and chatting constantly about the benefits of our boards. Our big concern was that we were looking at boards a lot shorter than what we were used to. But the guys kept saying that they would be alright in the powder and on our last day of tryouts we got some snow to try them out on, and weren’t they brilliant!! In the end I got a Lib Tech trs and Sarah the Roxy Radiance, both excellent boards and the guys threw in a set of bindings and boots for me too so we were all set.
The mountain of Breckenridge is huge and divided into 5 different peaks so we have plenty to explore!! We haven’t rushed things but have been up for the first lifts everyday in the first week. Those first few runs on the freshly groomed snow are unbelievably good and put huge smiles on our faces.
We have been extraordinarily lucky with the snow and have enjoyed three powder days out of seven!! And as we discover more secret places we have been shin deep on a few of the other days too!! T

The pride and joys!

Us on our first lift up.  Passing through the trees and passed the huge houses it’s an incredibly pretty way to start the day.

The lower slopes cut through gaps in the trees the whole place is very picturesque 

One of the powder days and a ski area where you get the lift to the top and you can come down any way you want.

Sarah emerging from the trees

The top of one of the steeper slopes

And the top of one of the more forgiving!  It’s difficult to say which are more enjoyable as you start at the top where it’s a bit harder and then get to enjoy the easy slopes towards the bottom!  We are just smiling all the time!

All skiable area!!

The view from the top of the mountain!  Breckenridge town at the bottom and the highest ski lift in North America on the right.

More bowl action.  Just superb.

A view of the snowboard park.  I think that’s why these guys do so well at the x games!  I will get some close ups later.

Us enjoying the powder. We did get some untouched stuff earlier in the day but didn’t have time for a photo session!

Runs through the trees!


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