Snow Sculptures 

A few days ago we wondered what was going on when about a dozen huge blocks of snow appeared in a car park just down the road from us. Over the following couple of days we found out that it was to be for an international snow sculpting competition!! We were not sure what to expect but joined the throngs in walking around everyday after boarding to see the progress they had made.
Wow how impressive it all was they were truly works of art. They started on Wednesday and finished on the Saturday morning having worked all the way through the night on Friday! It was, as I said really impressive, but unfortunately on the Saturday we had some Melbourne weather, hot, cold, wind and snow and a few of the sculptures didn’t survive! We felt really sorry for them.
But what a great idea, we had such fun watching the progress and then on the Saturday night all the sculptures were lit up and the masses enjoyed walking round looking at them. To top it off there was also a “fire sculpting ” exhibition on as well which was really cool.
All in all well done Breckenridge lets have more of this kind of stuff please! T

Before all the action started

You don’t say!  But that’s what all the teams started with.

All the next photos are what the progress was after day 1 and then the final result on Saturday.

The eventual winner.

The crowds wandering around looking at the sculptures were quite impressive.

We heard the crash of this one falling and you could only feel sorry for the team.

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