Another week and more beautiful snow!

This week we have had some amazing snow dumps and I can honestly say that Sunday and Monday were the best days I have ever had up the mountain in my short boarding life! Both days we were up for first lifts and on Sunday we were treated to fresh powder up to our knees on the groomed slopes. We spent the rest of the day with massive smiles on our faces cruising the mountain in the beautiful powder! On Monday Tim took me up to the very top to ski the bowls and although the top was pretty steep it was so much fun. We pretty much just spent the whole day up there. Man were our muscles sore by the end of the day! 

Unfortunately around Tuesday lunch the temperature dropped dramatically and the wind picked up. So much so that we didn’t even get up the mountain on Wednesday. According to the weather report, with wind chill it was -30 degrees celcius! But we really shouldn’t be complaining. The snow has been amazing! S


The snow and smiles on our faces pretty much sums it up!

The view from the top of horseshoe bowl

My first bowl!


Tim made me put this one in! This was Tuesday afternoon where it was that cold that my snot froze onto my face mask. Very attractive!

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