First visit to Keystone

After our bumper start to the ski season things on the snow front seem to have ground to a halt. The winds have come and so has some warm weather which meant that we found ourselves confined to the piste action this week.
Luckily our pass covers quite a few other resorts in the area so we thought we would go for a look at Keystone. After skiing out of our back door to catch the bus we arrived at Keystone in about 45mins. Not bad for free!
Keystone itself seems a lot smaller than Breckenridge but still had three peaks although unusually they stretch from front to back. Well we had a fantastic day there, the runs were long and steep and after making our way out to the back peak we soon realised we were going to have to come back later to finish it off.
There is a different feeling about boarding at Keystone, as all the easy stuff is on the first peak so we felt that numbers were lower and in the morning we often had runs all to ourselves. The other main difference was that due to the layout of the mountain the runs weren’t running down the mountain all side by side so you felt a bit more isolated which was nice.
Even though we hadn’t had any new snow for a few days we decided to have a quick look at the bowl skiing out the back. Rather than lifts to this skiing you can either catch a piste basher for $10 each or walk. It was only a mile and a half so we walked. As I said the snow wasn’t fantastic but we still managed to enjoy ourselves boarding through the trees.
All in all it was great to be able to visit such a good resort so easily and we will definitely go again. The skiing was great but the lunches looked even better, in fact I found a place which served BBQ right on the mountain. Might have to go back?! T

The three peaks of Keystone as seen from Breckenridge, just stunning scenery.

A typical slope at Keystone, long, steep and straight.

I still love boarding down pistes through the trees and reading the signposts as to where to go.

At the top of Keystone with Breckenridge in the background.

Bumps and trees, loads of fun

Us at the end of the hike

Not quite fresh tracks but still great considering it hasn’t snowed for 5 days.

 The tracks of the piste basher giving access to all the terrain out the back.   
Board where you want, you just have to walk up, can’t wait to come back after more snow!

The view of Breckenridge from keystone, I am biased but doesn’t it look fantastic?!  The best thing is almost everything in the photo is skiable

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