Big dump in Breckenridge 

Since we have arrived in Breckenridge we have been extremely lucky with the snow. It has been cold enough and there has been plenty of new snow. The last week however the wind came and so did some unseasonably warm weather. Boo hoo. We were starting to see the ground in the town which had previously been completely covered and the mountain was also suffering and conditions were getting a little icy.
Our hopes rested on a forecast predicting a couple of inches of snow on a Sunday night. I love it when the forecasts are wrong and we awoke on Monday morning to 11 inches of new snow. Amazing! We decided to try some new first runs in the resort and headed out to peak 10 where we managed to make fresh tracks for the first hour of the day. It was truly amazing. We ended up spending the whole day there enjoying bumps through trees. While it was very windy we had a superb day and the best was that the snow continued to fall.
Day two after the fresh stuff and we weren’t sure what to expect but we had organised to go skiing today with a friend, Pat who was also out for the season. It had turned out that we had a little more fresh stuff to enjoy and we had a great day showing each other little areas of the mountain which we both enjoyed. It was ridiculous to be enjoying so much fresh powder on day two but we certainly were not complaining!
The third day after the big snow and we both woke up fairly sore and exhausted but the wind had died down and the sun was out so we were both up for first lifts. As we headed over to peak six we both were looking up at some of the hike able terrain and decided that it would be a great time to do it.
So off we went. It wasn’t a long hike but with the altitude it certainly took it out of us. But the views and the scenery were equally as breathtaking. Once we were up there it all started to look a lot steeper and more serious than we had first thought.  
It was difficult to see where we were going to be able to drop in to the bowl and areas that had looked pretty easy from the bottom were now looking a lot harder! Still we took our time and soon enough found the spot. It was a mixture of fear and excitement that we were experiencing at the top but we soon realised that we had done harder so off we went.
It was just amazing and made you want to whoop and holler as we were going down. The snow was just perfect and so good to be skiing powder the third day after the snow!
In fact it was so good that we did it again.
This time we boarded all the way from the top to the bottom of the mountain, a huge run. Just fantastic to be able to board for so long. At the bottom we slumped in a couple of chairs in the sun, knackered but on cloud nine. What a great day and in fact what a great three days of just amazing snow conditions.
Unfortunately the wind and the warm weather is predicted for tomorrow so fingers crossed we will get a load more snow soon. For as quickly as the snow came I cannot remember an occasion when I have seen 14 inches of snow disappear so quickly. It’s all quite incredible but our bodies aren’t complaining about being rested for a day. T

Powder perfect

Just working out the next move

Knee deep powder!

At the top of Horseshoe bowl

The view from the top of the hike!  We dropped in the left hand side.

A view of Copper Mountain from the top of Breckenridge 

Sarah at the top of the hike!

The views we had from the top of the run.

Sarah’s feet hanging over the edge of the start.


Just a great three days of powder boarding.

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