Lesson in Breck

So far so very very good in terms of snow and powder days etc but unfortunately a couple of warm days and a lack of new snow meant that we found ourselves no longer riding powder and we were getting a little frustrated being confined to the pistes. No problem though as we decided to get a lesson so we could improve our technique!
We had meant to do it earlier but the snow had just been so good we didn’t want to spend a day doing lessons. But there were two real factors that made us decide to take the lesson, first the snow conditions and second was a video we took of me going down a mountain and my arms were moving around so much it looked like I was conducting an orchestra!!!
The lesson was fantastic there was only one other guy with us so we were able to get a lot of help and asked a hundred questions so we now have loads to think about and practice. It’s certainly given some new impetus to the season and we have been practicing ever since!!
Apologies for the lack of pictures but for the massive cost of the lesson we didn’t want to be spending time taking pictures but I am actually writing this about five days after the lesson and we are both coming on in leaps and bounds and even though the snow conditions haven’t been that great we have been having a great time practicing our techniques. T


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